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As announced on the May 2008 Tech Forum, Dish Network will introduce a learning remote that will store receiver settings in the remote, and remote settings in the receiver.  The 222k and 722k receivers have TV1 20.0 IR and TV2 21.0 UHF Pro/IR 2-way remotes and a System Wizard UI.

Will be available to existing customers in December 2008 as the 20.1 replacement remote for $19.99.

Some of the remotes are shipping without instructions for learning codes. Here is how to teach the (extra) buttons for a TV (thanks to puckwithahalo):

  1. To put the remote in learning mode, hold down the TV mode button until the other mode buttons light up.
  2. Let go and TV should be blinking.
  3. Hold down the record button until the TV mode button goes solid.
  4. Hit the button on the Dish remote that you are trying to program to
  5. Point the TV remote at the IR sensor on the side of the Dish remote and hold down the button on the TV remote that you are trying to program in until the TV mode button on the Dish remote goes solid again.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each button you want to program in.
  7. Once you are done with step 6, hit the TV mode button on the Dish remote again.

Note: you have to program all the buttons you want to program all at once. If you forget one and want to go back later, you have to program all of them back in again. Also, if you can find a code that partially works, you can program it in, and then do the learning function for the buttons that don't work.

Expanded learning instructions can be found at the TechPortal link > 2-Way Learning, also see the SatelliteGuys 20.1 Interactive demo.

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