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The DISHPro PVR 501 (DP501) is an advanced standard definition DISH Network satellite receiver with an internal hard drive for digital video recording (DVR). DISHPro PVR 501 uses the DISH Interactive user interface.

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Warranty on DISHPro PVR 501, parts and labor is valid for one year from date of sale. If the equipment fails within the first 30 days, the customer will receive a new replacement. Outside of 30 days they will receive a refurbished receiver or parts replacement. If the product is out of warranty, it will be replaced for a charge. There are some items that are not covered under warranty, including replacement of lost or damaged Smart Cards, installation of the system, cosmetic damage, damage due to lightning, electrical surges, fire, flood, or other acts of Nature, accident, misuse, abuse, repair or alteration by other than authorized factory service, improper or neglected maintenance. If the customer has an extended warranty, damage due to an electrical surge is covered. Other restrictions apply, refer to the Warranty outlined in the User Manual for more details.


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