What programming is at 61.5°W and 148°?

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Dish Network offers the following programming at 61.5° and 148° West Longitude:

Instructions for adding a dish pointing at 61.5° (or 148°) can be found HERE

Available to all customers:

Free to all America's Top 100, America's Top 200, America's Top 250, America's Everything Pack, and Dish Latino Max subscribers.  Also available free of charge to any Dish Network and Sky Angel subscribers on request.

High Definition ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox for the following cities**:

Many High Definition Package Channels (also available at 129)*

*HDTV requires an HD receiver with MPEG4 capability.  The 811, 921, 6000 receiver with 8psk adaptor can only receive MPEG2 HD channels.  See the HD Page for more details. A 5000 receiver with HD adaptor is no longer capable of receiving the HDTV channels.
**HDTV Local channels require an MPEG 4 enabled receiver (211, 411, 622)

Niche English Language Muslim Channel

Foreign language programming on a subscription basis (rates vary depending on
the package) in the following languages:

On a limited availability basis:

SKY ANGEL HAS LEFT THE SATELLITE WORLD AS OF 3/31/08 FOR IPTV (Internet based distribution) and eventual oblivion.  SKY Angel channels that used to reside in the 9700 block are no longer available to subscribers.

Additiona Local Channels available to Local into local subscribers in the following cities DMAs (NOT available to distant network subscribers):
61.5° 148°
Providence, RI Abilene / Sweetwater, TX (6)
  Billings, MT (4)
  Casper, WY (5)
  Cheyenne, WY (6)
  Lubbock, TX (8)
  Medford, OR (6)
  Rapid City, SD (5)
  San Angelo, TX (4)