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L645, 12-6-11

L643, 10-19-11

L642, 4-15-11

L640, 1-31-11

L641, 1-6-11

L640, 10-21-10

L609, 6-23-10

L608, 5-27-10

L606, 8-27-09

(Editor's note: release notes were sent to SatelliteGuys without further details. If anyone can explain what these do or even what the acronyms stand for, that would be very helpful. The break-down of features vs fixes is my best guess.)

L603, 3-17-09

L602, 10-1-08

L601, 8-19-08

L600, 8-5-08

L477, 7-11-08

L476, 7-10-08

L474, 4-3-08

L473, 3-7-08

L472, 2-26-08

L471, 2-8-08

L470, 2-1-08


  1. Per Dish sources
  2. User observations
  3. New to this version
  4. May have been present in earlier versions

Compiled from user reports on DBSTalk.COM, SatelliteGuys.US, and news://alt.dbs.echostar.

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