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This page is a compilation of tips and solutions that have been shared by many users of the ViP622.

Ghostwriter: The Volume difference from OTA to the SAT channels is huge.
DP1: Go into the Setup menu under Dolby Digital and changing between RF mode and Line mode

boylehome: I discovered that if the radio button in Themes is highlighted for anything other than, “All Themes” using the name search is just about worthless. In Themes with “All Themes” selected, the “Sub-Theme” is emptied of content and grayed. Keyword then works properly.

Early users are finding that if the 622 gets too hot it won't allow continued TV viewing until it cools down. Keep it ventilated (avoid closed cabinets) and make sure the sides are exposed to allow good airflow.

wje: Put a small strip of foam running front-to-back on the top right side to seal off the intake side from the hot air that was flowing back over the top from the left side.

JL: Check out the temperatures under MENU-6-3 then COUNTERS. Use the page down keys to get to the temperatures

Poor PQ on TV1 RF modulated output:
crazypat: I went into the HD settings (which I had set to 1080i) reset it to 480p then set it back to 1080i again. Discussion

Make sure the TV1 output resolution is set to 1080i or 720p. If an HD picture doesn't look as good as you think it should, it could be because the 622 is still at the default 480p.

During initial setup, receiver was stuck with the “Do not disturb” download window.
lparsons21: Disconnect both satellite feeds, run a check switch, reconnect, try again.
airpolgas: This suggestion from the 3rd CSR he spoke to did the trick

  1. Power reset
  2. Once the Point Dish window comes up, press System Info on the front panel
  3. Click Cancel or Done on the remote until you get to the System Setup
  4. Turn off the receiver using the remote.


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RobbinM: Dish disable the feature that allows you to jump more than 99 hours in the guide, but you can still use “999 >” to jump to the end. (SatelliteGuys)

Jim Parker: How to clear the Pause icon:

Compiled from user reports on DBSTalk.COM, SatelliteGuys.US, and news://alt.dbs.echostar.

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