What is the EKB News Monitor?

The EKB News Monitor maintains a current updating feed of news items. News articles are culled from a variety of sources, some of which are listed in our blogroll (also on this page). They feature anything under Dish Network, EchoStar (including Sling Media), and competition.

Special features

Dish Network has three chats that can occasionally generate a lot of buzz. They're the Charlie Chats, the Tech Chats, and the Retailer Chats. Recap of the Recap takes the existing recap on either DBSTalk or SatelliteGuys and cuts out all the fluff. There's a lot of fluff in those chats.

Every Wednesday, Dish Network does its weekly satellite dance, in which channels move, morph, appear, and disappear. In the weekly segment devoted to this satellite dance, known as the Uplink Report Higlights, I take the uplink report from DBSTalk and/or SatelliteGuys (sometimes I need both) and chew through the moves and changes to show you what's going on.

Rigorous standards testing and coding

Have you heard of the W3C? The World Wide Web Consortium defines all those ever-lovable Internet standards like HTML, CSS, MathML, XML, and a whole lot more. I put the News Monitor up to the W3C validator frequently to see if I've made any goofs when I wrote the code.


I have some invaluable news sources. First off are the two rulers of News Monitor-land, Broadcasting and Cable and Multichannel News. This is followed by DBSTalk and SatelliteGuys, which I pull items directly off of. For the gadget stuff that Sling Media falls under, there's Gizmodo and Engadget. I also use some other sources, including my tip line and what I find online.