Week of 1 February 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Another boring week: some international previews changed over, WTVH HD and KCSO SD was turned on, and WPMF became WSFL-DT2. (Same programs, different station.) And there's 296, The Twitter Channel!

Sensible decision making: Dish has filed to move EchoStar 6 to 61.5. Relief at last for a troubled satellite slot?.

AT&T has allowed Sling Media and its iPhone app to stream over 3G.

Dish called for a host of conditions to be placed on a future Comcast-NBCU, including baseball-style arbitration of retransmission consent disputes.

Week of 25 January 2010


A really boring uplink report this week. New locals: KUSM HD and KCSO, an LPTV Telemundo in Sacramento.

New HDs in the 4100s, all TMPs with specific mappings: 4114 (E!), 4135 (BBC America), 4149 (Fox Soccer Channel), 4153 (Outdoor Channel), 4185 (Hallmark Channel), and 4204 (truTV).

Internationals 616 and 832 are available, as is 7798 (mapped 69) OCTV. It's on 110 tp 29 spot 49 and would be beamed to Puerto Rico. Nel J. Torres, resident Puerto Rico expert, speculates it's WTCV-18, a music video channel. But the mapping and naming are extremely odd.

Week of 18 January 2010


Hallelujah! The terrestrial loophole is closed! Philly residents may soon be able to get Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia!

You may need an umbrella to keep up with the HD additions, as the first PBS member stations are uplinked in HD. Because there are so many, I am just listing their calls: WFSU, WUSI, WTVP, WDSE, KOZJ, WMAE, WMAW, KBME, KFME, KTNE, WITV. Also; MyNetworkTV affiliates WAOE Peoria and WMMP Charleston SC.

KWYB-DT2 HD (get that?), the first Max Media Fox in Montana to go, is now online on Dish, as is KPBI.

A minor name change: WSWS to KHGI. The channel is unavailable, and the content is the same.

A whole slew of TMP channels added.

Week of 11 January 2010

Thursday: Recap of the Recap

Dish is renaming TurboHD to Dish America (what the heck?), changing the DVR fee to a flat one at $6 for all, discontinuing the phone line credit, and changing their price structure.


WWJX is coming! What the heck? It's a new one on me too - the My Family TV affiliate for Jackson, Mississippi. And yes, it's real.

The locals from last week were made available.

NOTAX channel 233 was added. Where is this being seen?

EXPNW 616 and CNTRO 832, new internationals. What the heck are they?


Dish, EchoStar, and NagraStar have won big in their Florida piracy suit - $51 million.

Week of 4 January 2010


International channels are the most cryptic of all to identify, because they provide little English content. But this is why I like it when Multichannel News writes about them: channel 581 has been confirmed as Jus One, a religious channel from India. This is Jus One's first U.S. channel slot ever.

Transponder 18 at 61.5 West went down Thursday, prompting last-ditch moves of other channels. As you might expect, this is on EchoStar 3.


KBFX and KMID HD were made available. KPBI Eureka Springs, AR is close on its heels, as is CGEM HD (Dish has it listed as XGEM, but it's actually called CGEM), the digital-multicast Fox affiliate in Quincy, Illinois.

OCTV 7998 was added. This is likely Oxnard College's "OCTV" in Oxnard, California - the local cable system in that area does air it. This would be Dish's first ever college cable channel.

International name changes: 651 to CLRS, 742 to ISRL1, and 743 to GLI. Information is appreciated.

Remember how Dish wanted the TV Everywhere trademark? They're using it for Sling technologies.

1 January 2010

So here's what happened with WGXA and WPGA. WPGA was added to 7883 (to move it from the ABC area) and mapped to 58. The existing WPGA on 7877 was remapped to 16 - then today, it was renamed WGXAD and is now WGXA-DT2, "ABC 16".

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