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Action Pack Programming (Discontinued)

The Action Pak included several channels of interest to fans of sports and outdoor activities. Price was $4.99/mo

111Do It Yourself Channel
Now only available on Dish Family, AT250 and DLMax
195Discovery Wings
Now Called "The Military Channel" available on AT250
148CNN SI (Sprts Illustrated)
Now out of business.  Channel no longer exists.
CNNSISports Gone
150The Speed Channel
Now "Speedvision" available on AT200  & DLMax
151Outdoor Life Network
Changed to OLN and is now "Versus"  available on AT250
153Outdoor Channel
Still available a la carte $1.99/mo and part of AT250

This package has been discontinued as of 6/02.  CNN Sports Illustrated went dark due to lack of viewership and light carriage on cable systems.  Speedvision was sold to Fox and the channel moved from AT150 (now AT250) to AT100 (now AT200).

The Outdoor Channel is still available a la carte for $1.99 a month.