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America's Top 100 Programming
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Dish Network 1-0-1 SAPHELP101119°
TV Guide ChannelTVGC102119
PPV GuideONPPV103119°
USA Network SAPUSA105119°
TV LandTVLND106119°
Comedy CentralCMDY107119°
Lifetime SAPLIFE 108 119°
Food NetworkFOOD110119°
Home & Garden TVHGTV112119°
Entertainment TVE!114119°
Arts & EntertainmentA&E118119°
The History ChannelHIST120119°
Sci-Fi ChannelSCIFI122119°
Turner Network TV SAPTNT138119°
TBS Superstation SAPTBS139119°
ESPN 2ESPN2144119°
ESPN AlternateESPNA145119°
ESPN 2 AlternateESP2A146119°
National Football League Network
MOVING TO AT 200 on 2/20/08
NFL 154 110°
Music TelevisionMTV160119°
Music Television 2MTV2161119°
Video Hits-OneVH1162119°
Country Music TVCMT166119°
Spike TV (Formerly TNN)SPIKE168119°
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite SAPNICK170119°
Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West)NICKW171119°
The Disney ChannelDISNE172119°
The Disney Channel (West)DISNW173119°
Cartoon Network SAPTOON176119°
ABC FamilyABCFM180119°
Discovery ChannelDISC182119°
The Learning ChannelTLC183119°
The Documentary Channel DOC197110°
Cable News NetworkCNN200119°
Headline News NetworkHNN202119°
C-SPAN 2CSPN2212119°
NASA Select TVNASA213119°
The Weather ChannelTWC214119°
The Travel ChannelTRAV215119°
Resort & Residence Channel R&R216 110°
The Water Channel WATER217119°
Men's Outdoor & Recreation MOR218 110°
The Mens Channel 2 MENS2219 110°
iDrive Channel DRIVE221 110°
Home Shopping Network  WATCH ON LINE HSN222119°
Healthy Living Channel HLC223 110°
ShopAtHome WATCH ON LINE SHOP224 119°
The Beauty and Fashion Channel B&F 225 110°
Quality Value Convenience WATCH ON LINE QVC226 119°
Jewelry Television by ACN JTV227 110°
iShop (Gem Shopping Network) iSHOP229 110°
Trinity Broadcasting NetworkTBN260119°
Eternal Word TV Net US SAPEWTN261119°
Angel OneANGEL262119°
China Central TV 9 (English) CCTV9 265119°
Reelz Channel REELZ 299 119°
Horse Racing TV HRTV404 119°
TV Games Network (Horse Racing)TVGAM405119°
Big 10 Network BIG10 439 110°
Big 10 Network Alternate Feed ALT10 440 110°
Big 10 Network Alternate Feed ALT10 441 110°
Big 10 Network Alternate Feed ALT10 442 110°
Big 10 Network Alternate Feed ALT10 443 110°
Dish Network Sports StopDSTOP450110°
Adult Guard Support SAPALOCK480119°
Adult Guard Support SAPALOCK490119°
Adult Guard Support SAPALOCK491148°
PPV GuideONPPV500119°
PPV Event Pre-orderORDER501119°
International Promotional InfoINFO580148°
International Promotional InfoINFO58061.5°
KBS WorldKBS 65261.5°
KBS WorldKBS652 148°
China Central TV (Spanish/French) CCEF 884119°
You have a SuperDISH @105D1057000105°
Research ChannelRSRCH9400110°
Hispanic Info & Telecomm. Net.HITN9401110°
US Dept of Health & Human Services TVHHS 940261.5°
US Dept of Health & Human Services TVHHS 9402148°
Brigham Young Univ. TVBYUTV9403110°
University of Washington TVUWTV9404110°
The Pentagon Channel PNTGN 940561.5°
The Pentagon Channel PNTGN 9405148°
Classic Arts ShowcaseARTS9406148°
Classic Arts ShowcaseARTS940661.5°
Colours TVCOLRS9407110°
Starfish TV Network STARF940861.5°
Starfish TV NetworkSTARF 9408148°
WorldLink TVLINK9410110°
N. Arizona University HouseNAUHS9411119°
University of California TVUCTV9412119°
Almavisión  WATCH ON LINE ALMA941361.5°
Almavisión  WATCH ON LINE ALMA9413129°
V-ME V-ME9414119°
Free Speech TVFSTV9415110°
Good Samaritan NetworkGSN9416148°
Good Samaritan NetworkGSN941661.5°
Panhandle Area Ed. ConsortiumPAEC9418148°
Panhandle Area Ed. ConsortiumPAEC941861.5°
Dish HDTV Demo ChannelHDTV3944361.5°
3 Angels Broadcasting Network 3ABN 9710 61.5°
3 Angels Broadcasting Network 3ABN 9710 148°
KBS World KBS 9850121°
What's on DISH 500D5009900110°

Plus the Muzak Audio Channels

New CountryCD 1950119°
Country ClassicsCD 2951119°
Country CurrentsCD 3952119°
Jukebox GoldCD 4953119°
70s SongbookCD 5954119°
Adult FavoritesCD 6955119°
Adult ContemporaryCD 7956119°
Adult AlternativeCD 8957119°
Hot HitsCD 9958119°
Classic RockCD 10959119°
Modern Rock AlternativeCD 11960119°
Power RockCD 12961119°
NUJazzCD 13962119°
Urban BeatCD 14963119°
Latin StylesCD 15964119°
Fiesta MexicanaCD 16965119°
EuroStyleCD 17966119°
Jazz TraditionsCD 18967119°
Contemporary Jazz FlavorsCD 19968119°
Accoustic CrossroadsCD 20969119°
Contemporary InstrumentalsCD 21970119°
Classical AmbianceCD 22971119°
Light ClassicalCD 23972119°
Easy InstrumentalsCD 24973119°
Big Band EraCD 25974119°
Contemporary ChristianCD 26975119°
Kid TunesCD 27976119°
New AgeCD 28977119°
BluesCD 29978119°
ReggaeCD 30979119°
LDS-BYU Radio NetworkCD 31980119°
Hawaiian MusicCD 32981119°

Package history:
AT40 launched 1996 $19.99
Channels added throughout the years
Name changed to AT50 and price increased to $21.99 ~2/01.
Price increased to $22.99 2/1/02
Price increased to $24.99 + $5 for locals 2/1/03
Price increased to $26.99 + $5 for locals 2/1/05
Price increased to $29.99 + $5 for locals 2/1/06
Name changed to AT100, 32 Muzak channels added.  No price change 2/1/07
Price increased to $32.99 + $5 for locals 2/1/08

"AT100 PLUS" Includes all the channels above PLUS the regional Sports Network(s) that specifically serve your area.  The price is the same are AT100 + $5 a month. 

All the channels listed below can be added for yet another $5.99 a month however blackouts apply to all pro sports and about half the NCAA sports events that are not considered to be in "your" area.

NBA Television NBATV402
Comcast Sports Net. West (Sacramento) CSNWS 409
Altitude Sports & Entertainment ALTUD 410
Fox Sports Net Prime Ticket (Was FS West 2 until 4/3) PRIME 411
MSG - Madison Square Garden Network MSG 412
Fox Sports New York FOXNY 413
Fox Sports Rocky Mountain FOXRM 414
Fox Sports Arizona FOXAZ 415
Fox Sports Southwest FOXSW 416
Fox Sports West FOXW 417
Fox Sports Midwest FOXMW 418
Fox Sports Bay Area FOXBA 419
Fox Sports South FOXS 420
Sun Sports Was Sunshine until 1/18/05 SUN 422
Fox Sports Florida FOXFL 423
Comcast Sports Net-Mid Atlantic (HTS) CSNMA 424
Fox Sports Ohio(Cleveland/State Wide) FOXOH 425
Fox Sports Northwest FOXNW 426
Fox Sports Ohio(Cincinnati) FOXCN 427
Fox Sports Pittsburgh FOXPT 428
Comcast Sports Net. Chicago CSNCH 429
Fox Sports Detroit FOXD 430
Sports Time Ohio Network STO 431
New England Sports Network NESN 434
Fox Sports New England FOXNE 435
Fox Sports North Minnesota
Fox Sports North Wisconsin is on "Alternate" Channels
FOXN 436
Turner South *** TUSOU 437
Sports Net New York SNY 438

***Turner South is only available in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and western North Carolina.