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User Add-on/External Storage

Dish Network has been aware of the need for extra storage since at least August 2001 has looked into how to allow users to add external since at least May 2005.  Working demos have been shown at CES and Team Summit conventions.  As of February 2007 the engineers seem satisfied with its performance and say how it is released is a business decision.  On the June Charlie Chat, they announced it should become available in “August or late summer” (Dish watchers know to consider even this delayed target as very fuzzy).  From the July Retailer Chat (SatelliteGuys.US), “They will be RELEASING the External Hard Drive support! ... for the 622 and 722.”

DVR Archiving

Available for the 612, 622, 722, 722k, 922, Hopper.

DVR Conversion

Available Nov 19, 2008 for the 411, 211, 211k. Possible future feature for the 222.

Activation issues - The 411 seems to have been left off the CSR screens, unknown if that is by intent or if it is an oversight that will eventually be rectified. Many customers are reporting activations that don't take, and getting double-billed when they try again. A CSR told a customer their drop-down menu first shows “external storage” which is for the 622/722. The proper 211 conversion is on another drop-down below that. Check your billing statements for the next couple months to be sure there is only one charge.

Recording Capacity
Size TBP3 size GiBHD timeSD timeNotes
3.02,998296h47m1,187h9mEst, unsupported

(Tests performed by P Smith of DBSTalk)

Each drive, internal or external, can display a maximum of 1000 titles, and each folder counts as a title. The EHD can hold more than 1000 titles, but the excess won't be listed until other shows are transferred back to the DVR or deleted.

Use with a PC

Drives may not be shared for use by a Dish receiver and a PC. The Dish receiver will prompt to format a drive that contains partitions it did not create. Programs recorded to the drive are encrypted and may not be played on a PC.

A backup copy of the EHD may be made under Linux. The PC backup to the EHD may be done only by Linux and for small amount data under first partition, say for photos.

Portable Devices

Most receivers can control a PocketDISH portable recorder/player.

Receiver Modification

Nextcom R5000-HD modifies your owned 6000, 211, 411 or 622 for archival to PC or D-VHS.

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