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The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show was held January 6-9 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Dish Network Booth

The booth was opened up by the removal of the commercial/MDU equipment kiosk and the absence of a blaring commercial made it a more pleasant place to be and to learn about Dish compared to last year. The only new equipment shown was Logitech's Revue Google TV box.

On the rumor front, various sources hint that Dish may be working on some form of whole-house DVR or maybe networked DVRs using MoCA protocols.

Google TV

When integrated with a Dish DVR, the Revue will search the web, the guide, and your DVR for your favorite shows or actors. It can also display TV in PIP mode while you surf the web.


The Sling 300 should become available in the next few months. With the 300, you can get TV2, in HD up to 1080p, on your own monitor. The remote is now the 20.0 instead of the 922's original touchpad design. The 300 can select any Sling-enabled receiver on your account, though receivers can send to only one 300 at a time.

700u is the Sling name for the Dish Sling Adapter. Sling can design variants to integrate with settop boxes other than those from Dish.

Dish HD for RV

Pay-as-you-go TV for the RV is basically a different presentation of the Flex pay-in-advance program. It allows you to buy a month of any regular Dish package at a time, with no extra fees to stop or resume service. The customer must purchase the receiver, dish and installation. The auto-aiming 1000.2 is roof-mounted and folds down to under 10" for travel; it does not auto-track in motion. The tracker dome model does work in motion or can be tripod-mounted for any one DBS slot from any provider; the video shows how quick it points to a different satellite. More information can be found at http://www.dishnetwork.com/rv and http://www.dishformyrv.com/.

Glasses-free 3DTV

The glasses-free 3D demos I saw were all impressive. They use "autostereoscopic" screens (think lenticular "motion" postcards) to present a different image to each eye. Toshiba's demo has a narrow sweet spot for viewing (veer off to the side and it looks like glasses-needed 3D), but that will be widened by release. The iPONT demo had some occasional distracting shimmer (their box processes the output of a 3D Blu-ray player or other source to send to the display) but they say the eyes will adjust to that as they do the rest of the effect, and claim a 120° wide viewing angle now. The eLocity demo was also effective, but suffered from visible ridges on the screen. Their hand-built prototype was optimized for settings with a much longer viewing distance than was available in the private cubicle it was in.

Toshiba should have sets out by the end of the year, iPONT is a developer looking to license its technology, and eLocity expects to be in the market in late summer.

Around the Show

The Sound Egg was too cool to pass up. I didn't realize it was on until I was almost seated (the din of the hall was a factor in that), but once in I didn't hear anything from outside. Available in a selection of standard or custom color-matching shells and 11 colors of acoustic foam. Prices range from $1500 to (as shown) about $2600.

The piles of CDs pouring out of washing machines was a clever draw for the tidysongs program that will fix or add titles in your iTunes library.

GE has a line of LED home lighting available now at your favorite big-box retailer.

The kid's laptops on display at Marvell use very low voltage and can be recharged with a hand-crank for areas without power lines. The flip-up latches are also wi-fi antannae.


The Venue and Surrounding Sights

As usual, the aisles are jam-packed. Attendance was estimated to be 140,000, well above that of the last 2 years. See more 2011 International CES photos from the CEA staff.

Foot access to the new bridge at Hoover Dam is from the Nevada side, on what is now the old road leading down to the dam (the old road from the Arizona side is blocked). The construction is so solid that passing 18-wheelers cause almost no vibration, certainly less than footsteps in many 2-story buildings. Check out the spectacular Hoover Dam bridge construction photos.