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The 2012 International CES is being held January 10-13 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Dish Network Press Conference

Joe Clayton comes to the stage with his new friend, a live baby kangaroo. He talks about how dish will be all new: technology, receivers, service, logo, even a CEO.

Hopper can record up to 6 HD programs at once, has a 2TB HDD

Dish will be the pay-TV name while Dish Network will remain the corporate name.

After stating he wants to emulate the cellular providers by getting customers excited about receivers by giving them a name (Hopper as opposed to model # XiP813), he later said, when talking about usability, that “viewers don't care about the STB itself.”

Sirius will get 9 new Latino music channels bringing the lineup to 73. Sirius channels will move to channels 099-04 (where “-xx” is the Sirius number) on the Hopper with 99 being a collapsible list, and show album covers.

Blockbuster @Home has an additional 6000 titles.

National advertising will emphasize variety, innovation and value offered by Dish and the Hopper product.

VP of Comm Stephanie Pence: People are watching TV in more way across multiple platforms. At least 70% of homes have at least one HDTV, with 50% of those having 2 or more.  53% of prime time recordings are from the big 4 networks.

Vivek Khemka introduces Hopper. Most powerful Broadcom 7420 processor, 7200RPM 2TB HDD. Supports both satellite and IPTV. Bluetooth allows you to use headphones. EPG has logos and super-fast scrolling. Sling Adapter lets you extend viewing to a tablet or PC.  Instant access to the whole prime-time lineup.

Dave Shull, SVP Programming: SiriusXM has been enhanced with album covers and 9 Latino channels for a total of 73. Signed a deal with Univision to add more titles to Blockbuster @Home. Hundreds of TV shows from HBO and others delivered over satellite with excellent picture quality and no buffering - Netflix can't do that. Dish Test Drive gives a 24-hour sampling of Dish content.

Clayton announces with partner ViaSat 12MBPS speed, bundled  Dish+broadband starting at $79.99/mo. Expanded in the summer after Hughes launches a new satellite.

Joeys have equally fast processor. Can pause live TV in any room and continue in any other room. Relaunching our company and re-energizing the brand.

Press conference video and Hopper demo (YouTube, 9:44)

Dish Network Booth

More was learned about the Hopper and Joey system from product demonstrations. These names will replace XiP13 and XiP110 respectively. PrimeTime Anytime (PTAT) programming can't be watched live, but can be almost live by starting over through the DVR list. PTAT programs may be saved to the user's DVR area, and will have the same start early / end late padding as DVR events. The PTAT setup screen has a button for a video tutorial. If a user attempts to watch a channel live while the 3 tuners are in use, he will be shown how they are being used and be presented with other options.  No OTA tuner will be offered at release, and the type and number remain undetermined. The eSATA port will not be active on release. Speaking of release, the date most often mentioned was a somewhat vague 1Q11 and there was no information on the fee structure.

The Tailgater works with the 211 (after getting production software via a regular dish) as well as the 211k receivers.

The rumored “612c” is not in production and may not be called that when/if it is. It will be a 622 locked in Single Mode and billed as an HD Solo DVR (much like the 512 is based on the 522).

The Dish+broadband bundle will be available 2-1-12. After partner WildBlue was bought by ViaSat, the residential satellite internet service was renamed exede. All service tiers get the same speed (12 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up) but are charged on amount of use.

Video: Hopper in-depth demo (YouTube, 13:15)

Sling Booth

No new Sling equipment to show this year as they've been focusing on adding playback to more devices. They demo'd an app still in development that will load a video from your DVR to your iOS or Android device from within your home network (DVR and device have to be on the same sub-net, no USB transfers). Recent EchoStar acquisition Hughes Satellite had a small presence on the back side of the booth.

Dish at CES

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