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Tuesday, December 5th 9:00 P.M


December, 2000

Full Summary

December, 2000

Well, it's been months and months and months and no Charlie Chat! Who'd a thunk it that there would have been no Charlie Chat since September? I take a month off from doing a Charlie Chat summary and see what happens? If only I could have gotten a Dish signal aboard ship on the North Sea/Oslo Fjord, I would have done the summary in August....NOT!

Lots and lots of stuff has happened since last September.

There's a ton more that has happened since the last Charlie Chat but lets see how well Charlie and Jim cover the December 2000 Charlie Chat.

Well, at 9PM Laurie tells us that Charlie Chat is on right now on the channel we're watching. Wa happened? AHA!!!! Larry King took a while to start up the Charlie Chat at 9:02 PM Tisk tisk.

Anyway the standard three layer video and Jim Furguson's opening follow Larry King's opening. Then to a Hallelujah chorus celebrating 5 million customers and JD Power's #1 rating.

Charlie and Jim thank all of us for being good customers. And explain the JD Power awards (2) for being #1 in customer service. Charlie talks about the new CSR, "I'm sorry". He apologizes for the spotty service and said they're working on it constantly.

Jim leads Charlie to announce the Virginia and West Virginy call center opening. Y'all look at tham thar video.

The videotape which has been shown on DNN constantly is played again.

New automated help system available at the 800 number: You can pay your bill, find out if you qualify for locals, tech FAQ and movie packages and PPV purchases for those that can't find the right button on the remote.

And speaking of paying your bill.... CREDIT CARD AUTO PAY!!!! That's a surprise.

New locals Greenville, Cincinnati, San Antonio and Albuquerque.

We promised 33 and now we have 34. "We plan a few more cities before the spot beams"

New channels:
Charlie can answer his phone now because they added Fox Sports World. Wisdom Channel was added to AT150. No more calls coming in for that! Style, another hotbed of customer requests. All these have been added to AT150 at the 110 satellite. Requires a Dish 500.

Holiday music channel has been added again to channel 981.

December 13 HBO Latino will be added so that Dish Customer can show his face again...He was right! Just premature with his info. All HBO customers will get this channel on channel 309! At 5pm. Knock me over with a feather!!!!!

Full Court college basketball available for $99 for the season.

Family programming services added: Discovery Kids, Nick GAS, Boomerang, WAM (all were added in April but who's counting.

A Jim shows is a video tape where "we will be surprised". HAAAAAAAA! Brittany Truisi!!!! ARRRRRRR I'm surprised! Oh...We're going to be surprised AFTER the video tape.... Quick some speculation a family package?

OH NO!!!! Brittany is on the show live now! Brittany is sedate and promoting Dish For Kids. Brit is 16 now... Big news. Inane conversation we all love continues.

Trivia quiz from Discovery Kids :: Name two other Discovery channels available only on AT150 (not on the other AT packages.) Charlie only knows of only one.

Charlie quizzes Brittany on the programming for kids on Dish and she doesn't know!

Question time!!!!

Bill e-mails. Starz E is in DD, when are other channels going to be in DD? A Set-up question if I've ever heard one.
A) Showtime E&W are DD. All Starz Encore will eventually be DD

Don wants more visibility to HDTV in advance.
A: Subscriber to our magazine! Charlie has made it clear that HDTV is going to stay on the 61.5 satellite.

Will HDTV be available to the western states?
A)After Jan 1 HDTV will be at 148 once it settles in.

Will Oxygen be available soon?
Mr. Shwimmer answers: We're working on a deal but they want too much money.

Rajezzxxgsdbb: asks why the Asian packages got screwed up?
Michael is thrown to the wolves. Mr. Shcwimmer attempts to explain why people have to pay more for more channels. B4U and ZeeTV Gold a la carte, he claims ignorance on ZeeTV availability. Charlie comes in to help him.

Dave asks if HDTV will be carried for off-air locals.
A: Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! No. We'd have to use too much bandwidth. Maybe in 3 years with new technology. HDTV will only be available for national signals.

Discovery HDTV may be coming soon (stop asking!)

Q: Independent channels from markets (WTTV)
A: We will be adding some independent stations through out the country in the next several months.

Q: Can you order stuff from the "Dish Store" off the web without a credit card?
A: No! We'll try to figure something out.

Steve calls to compliment the pix quality and see if HBO Zone ActionMax and ThrillerMax were coming soon?
A: No. they raised our price and the one open slot went to HBO Latino. Now we have to free-up space. Charlie says they were never announced!

Q: Will you be adding two Egyptian channels to Arabic Programming?
A: It is true that we are talking to program providers, but nothing to announce...

Pam asks about the free dish certificate she gave to her sister. Other friends now want a free dish. Can get more?
Charlie and Jim move to explain the promo. There was only one issued per about half of our customers. There is no other Referral program.

Another question: What's the catch?
A: AT40 minimum with no commitment. You get a $100 credit after Feb if they remain active That's it, but buy more. BUY BUY!!!!

Questions about StarBand...
They show the three headed monster.

Will Dish Network have an Info channel and will Dish charge the "tax" for the service?
Charlie explains the service. Yes, Dish does collect the tax in states that require it and forward it to the state treasury. And no plans for an Info channel. More info on

Can we install Starband for more than one person at a time?
No. Maybe in the future. Price will probably be higher for multiple user service once its available. Charlie's been using it and loves it, but there are still glitches being worked out.

Charlie knew about Discovery science?

Missed the question but the answer is: Starband is $69.99 for Starband with ONLY Dish Service. $5 more without. With AT150 its $99.

Charlie agrees with an e-mail, if you have cable or DSL it will be cheaper to go with that now. Maybe in the future for those customers, but rural customers who do not have any other options may think it's a good deal.

Larry in rural America is poor... He doesn't think its a good deal. Can you limit the service time per customer for lower price?
We have to get with Gilat on that. Right now, no.

Brad: Will there be a 30 day satisfaction guarantee?
A: Yes but it does not cover the $200 installation bill. Go to a retailer to look at it first.

Will the Dish LNBs be compatible with the Gilat LNBs.
A: NO, but we will exchange them for you. (Charlie and several techs banter back and forth to come up with that answer.)

Charlie thinks that number of dishes on a house is a status symbol.

Set-up caller asks I have AT100 and 3 movie packages. How much more will I get with Everything Pack.
A: mumble, mumble mumble.... Just get it. It's better. Look at channel 250, 255, we'll figure that out later.

Q: David asks when will you have the quad LNB available?
A:Sometime next year. ":POP!" It's a balloon and hopefully not some one shooting at us.

Are TiVo and ReplayTV compatible with Dish?
Charlie says "NO! well, not really. well, yes it works but get a DishPlayer!

Time is up! Jan 15 New Year's Night? No...New Year New Night!

Thanks for joining us and bye!

Good chat.. they had a lot of fun!

Lori comes up to say Charlie chats are now in rebroadcasts. They run throughout the month.

See ya

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