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This page is a relic from the Swiki site and remains on the EKB for historical perspective.  The Credits for individual pages can be found on the individual pages themselves.  Thank you to all that continue to send in information.  You know who you are. :-)

The following is a statement from jbuff, founder of the EKB.  The swiki site he refers to no longer exists, and jbuff himself has moved on to other pursuits, but the source of EKB content and appreciation for those who post the content, remains true.

Much of the information on the pages of “The Echostar Knowledge Base” was originally posted in topics at the alt.dbs.echostar NewsGroup (and other discussion forums). I have shamelessly borrowed the actual words of many of its posters, including myself. If this offends you, I apologize, but I see it as “preserving” information which would have been rapidly forgotten in newsgroup archives. I hope that those of you whose words I've borrowed will agree in principle. If you object to the use of your exact words please contact the editor, for retractions or revisions.

Other sources of information contained in “The Echostar Knowledge Base” have granted permission for the use of their words, and for this I thank them. It may not make much difference as to whose words get used, but it makes me feel better when I borrow them.

Some folks have been kind enough to figure out how to work this Swiki thingie, and have posted their own words here. These co-editors deserve my special thanks, because I want this to be a community resource, not a hobby. My hobby is fly-fishing, and I'd like to have time to begin a fly-fishing swiki. Some of these co-editors maintain pages here, and links are provided. Some of these folks have even made their own swikis or traditional web sites to accumulate knowledge about their own special interests. Links are provided to a few.

Many visitors to “The Echostar Knowledge Base” come by and post a question or answer one without leaving a name at all, and they are credited as “The Unknown Poster” or simply (Unknown).

If I've forgotten to post your name here, or if you'd prefer that I remove your name from this list, please email the editor.

The Echostar Knowledge Base would like to thank (in no particular order):

Name Handle Site . My host for the “EKB”
Seth Lerman (Seth) .
Jorge Nunez . .
Todd Allcock (ElecConnec) .
. (dishwatcher) .
Angel Antonio Suarez (TNGTony) Dish Channel List Dish Latino Programming Dominion Sky Angel
Carlton Bale .
Ben Reser .
Mike Nassour . .
Will Schnabel (wilbilt) .
. (cblount) .
. (dishtvaddict) .
Alan Dana . .
. (Darek) .
. (Barry) .
John Fischer . .
Johnathan Grant . .
Jake Pratt .
Martin McMahon . .
Richard Grogan-Crane . .
Ken Fowler . .
Don Matthews . .
Tony Neeley . .
Ralph Rose . .
Mike (MJM) .
Geoff Trowbridge .
John Frid . .
Ed Ellers . .
. (Dewey) .
. (DEM) .
David Feyler . .
Richard (Volupteb) .
. (Nemo) .
William M. Toll . .
. Phul .
Bert Hyman . .
Bill Jackson . .
. (Phil) .
Jim S. Greathouse . .
Marc Kaplan . .
Ken Stuart . DishPro PVR 501 Review, DVR508 v. Dishplayer Features
Dennis Moore . .
. (djbond) .
. (Cool) .
Barry Dowell . .
. (WhatIsHip) .
. (The Pirate) .
Charles Atchison . .
Bob Curnow . .
Claude Greiner . .
Charles (BobaBird) Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations, Dolby Digital, DishPVR 501 User Guide Supplement, news links
Terry Fischer . .
. (Libra) .
. (Lisa) .
. (dodgegreen) .
Jordan Hazen . .
Steve Unpro . .
Jeff Chandler . .
. (Cab Driver) .
. (quirt) .
Lee Beck . .
Si Ballenger . .
. (Involuntary) .
. (newcentury) .
Ken Burner . .
. (Happy DishPlayer) .
. (RKing401) .
Bert Hyman . .
David Graham . .
David Kelly . .
Tom French . .
Jason Williams . .
Daniel Goff . HDTV PPV Schedule, STARZ! DD Schedule prior to these being available on the Dish and STARZ! web sites.
Bob Mergner . .
Bob Haller . .
Phil Boatwright . .
. (rightlaws) .
. (charris) .
Greg Branch . .
Mark Holtz .
Peter Smith . .
Mike Dudas . news editor
The Unknown Poster (Unknown) .
John Lodge . DishPro Technology
John Buffington (jbuff)

And many others who I can't thank individually for passing along news and rumors, and for just being there and helping me when I was a “newbie”. Among them are the many fine folks at who have been the source of much of the knowledge I've gained and tried to pass on here using my own words.