101 Things to Do With a Dead DISHPlayer

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EchoStar's DISHPlayer was the first satellite receiver - PVR combo-box to hit the market. The PVR software from Microsoft's WebTV division was called PTV, and it was delivered late, after the product had already hit the market. It never quite worked right, and after countless revisions, it is still a source of discussion on the user forums and newsgroups. Although a few folks claim their units are working fine, most users have had to learn the litany of terms like “Jenny code”, “Switch Check”, “Factory Mode Reset”, in order to cope. Recently, EchoStar made sweeping changes to their local channel broadcast lineup, and the almost stable DISHPlayer became nearly totally useless.

EchoStar has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft for non-performance of their contract, but they still will not admit to their users that the DISHPlayer is not working. Calls for Tech Support, yield responses like “That's the first time we've heard that” and “Are you sure your wiring is correct, we aren't getting a lot of reports about this from other users”.

Participants in the many Forums and newsgroups are talking to one another though, and some of the folks who were once EchoStar's most valuable on-line resources are deserting in droves to DirecTV for DirecTiVo. I'm one of them.

PS Don't worry. The EKB will still be dishing out help, news, and support to our loyal readers and I'll still be here. One day, I'll probably be an EchoStar customer again.

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  1. Remove the hard drive and install it into your PC, fdisk and format for PC storage.
  2. Remove the hard drive and save it until you can copy the video to your PC. Yes, someone is working on it.
  3. Remove the power supply and sell it on eBay. (Auction Closed)
  4. Remove the smart card and sell it on eBay. (Technically, this is illegal. eBay will pull your listing).
  5. Remove the smart card holder and sell it on eBay.
  6. Sell the remote control on eBay.
  7. Sell the 7100 keyboard on eBay.
  8. Sell the main board on eBay. (Auction Closed)
  9. Use it as Paintball Body Armor
  10. Put out a Mob Hit on it.
  11. Plug it in and place it under your covers to replace your electric blanket. (Jeff H)