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Dish1000, introduced at Team Summit 2005, is designed to pick up the 110, 119 and 129 orbital slots. It measures 23"w x 19"h. The most common LNB configuration is expected to be the DPP Twin and a DP Dual (or Single). If you already have Dish 500 you can add a separate dish to receive 129. Ten SuperDISH markets will move to Dish1000 on Sept 27, 2005.





Dish 1000.2

The Dish 1000.2 measures 25.9"w x 20.7"h. Its standard 3-LNB head assembly has an input for a 4th LNB, an integrated DishPro Plus switch, and outputs for 3 receivers.

Dish 1000.2, click for larger 1000.2 3-LNB assembly

These links broken since the SatelliteGuys discussion threads got renumbered 12/05.

Dish 1000.4 / Dish 1000.5

These dishes are designed to pick up 61.5-72.7-77. Details on the Eastern Arc page.

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