Do I need Dish 500?

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See the Dish Channel Chart 110° subset for a complete listing of channels that will be added if you subscribe beyond what you get on a Dish 300 pointed at 119°.  The rest of this page is historical information.

I'm currently a subscriber to Dish and have been for a couple of years. I have a 4000 and a 1000 receiver and I have a small round dish with dual LNB pointing at 119. I'm in the NYC locals area. My programming is as follows:

Top 40 $19.99
Addl Receiver $4.99
Movie Pkg 14 channels of HBO & Showtime $19.99
Dish Nets East + Superstations $7.99
My current monthly is $52.96 if I don't purchase any PPV's.

Does anybody know if I would gain anything with Dish 500?

Well, since your locals come from NY, you won't need a Dish 500 for them. Currently, 110W has mostly local channels from the Many other cities Dish is providing. There are also a few PPV channels there, and a Korean language package.

There are several rumored* additions to the movie packages that are expected to show up on 110W soon too, but we don't have much hard info on that, so I don't want to get you all excited about something that may not happen for several months. At this time, there is no program that combines AT100 and Premium channels for additional savings, but if you pay for a year in advance, they'll give you a month for free.

* The rumors were true. As of 2PM EST on 01/06/00. Showtime 3 and Showtime Beyond have been added to the lineup. They are on the 110W satellite, and you must have a Dish 500 or a second dish pointed to 110W to receive them. They are free to existing Showtime subscribers.

What is the Dish 500 Upgrade Offer?.

If your local city is not New York City or Los Angeles, but is on the list of other cities offered as Dish locals, you will need the Dish 500 to receive your locals. See Dish Locals in 37 cities.

01/15/00 Since this item was originally posted, it's become apparent that Dish is planning the addition of dozens of new channels at 110W. Many of them will be additions to the premium packages, like HBO Comedy Zone, and West coast feeds of TMC, but there are a significant number of “basic tier” services to be added as well. Since 119W is almost completely full, most of these new “basic tier” services will have to go to 110W. Note that there may be an extra charge above the AT100CD rate to access these new “basic tier” services.

It is rumored that Dish will soon announce a new “basic tier” service which will include these new channels. Real info is scarce, but I'll post whatever can be confirmed at a later date.

02/23/00 Dish issues several press releases that refer to the AT150 programming package to be available this Spring, Details are still scarce, but the important point here is that you will need Dish 500 to receive this service.

Most of the new channels in the AT150 package are broadcast only from Echostar V, the new satellite at the 110W orbital slot. If you have an 18 inch Dish 300, you are probably aimed at the constellation of satellites at 119W (Echostar II, IV, and VI). There is little or no remaining capacity to add channels to this orbital location, all the transponders are in use for 8 to 11 channels already.

So almost all the new channels to be added will be added to a satellite that you can't “see” without a Dish 500.

03/27/00 Dish Network unveils the AT150CD Programming package, and many of the new channels are at the 110W orbital position. You will need Dish 500 to receive all the channels in this programming package.

04/01/00 Starz! Premium Programming package expansion announced, if you subscribe to Starz! you need Dish 500 to receive the channels coming from the 110W orbital position.

05/01/00 HBO Comedy joins the HBO lineup; if you subscribe to HBO you need Dish 500 to receive HBO Comedy since it comes from the 110W orbital position.