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Edit 6/08: All subscribers now get at least a Dish 500 with DishPro equipment. The rest of this page is from when the dish was new.

Dish Network has a new promotion for the Dish 500 upgrade. Free with a one year commitment to AT150CD Programming and CC autopay. Available without CC autopay for $24.95. See Dish's page (expired link) for full details. This offer expires 7/31/01.

You can still get a Dish 500 Upgrade for $75.00 (the $24.95 shipping and handling fee still applies). No programming commitment is required. If you are willing to sign up for credit card autopay, the $24.95 shipping and handling fee will be waived. A credit card is required, the upgrade cannot be charged to your bill.

If you have three or more receivers, Dish will let you order your Dish 500 with an SW44 (or SW64) switch for a little more money, much lower than the normal price. This option must be ordered with your Dish 500 upgrade, it will replace the two SW21 switches normally shipped.

Since this item was originally posted, it has been reported that the Dish 500 “free” upgrade has now been made available through Dish retailers. Check with your local Dish retailer for the details.

How many LNBs will I get with my Dish 500 Upgrade?

Well, here's how it goes. When you call in to ask for the Dish500 upgrade, the CSR is supposed to check the screen that has your receiver numbers in it. If they see 2+, then they automatically know that you have a dual LNBF (or should have). If there is only one, then they check your receiver number in the database and see what model it is. There is a list of model numbers, which all CSRs should have, that tells them if you should have a dual LNBF.

If you already have a dual LNBF, then you only get one more. If you have a single, you get two dual's. If you get the SW64 upgrade, you get one dual LNBF, and have to buy a 2nd one (at $79.00) if you want all 3 locations. Now the problems arise if the CSR puts on the wrong code, which I have seen happen, OR, lets say you bought a model 4000 from a shady dealer and they only gave you a single LNBF. The CSR sees you have a 4000, which should come with a dual LNBF, and puts the code in to only send you 1 dual.

To anyone that hasn't got the upgrade yet, when/if you call for it, it would be in your best interest to tell the CSR which you have. The codes are right next to each other and it is very easy to pick the wrong one. Sales confirmation usually catches these mistakes, but with all the sales and upgrades coming through, some are getting overlooked.

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