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DishCOMM allows enabled receivers to share one phone line connection. Adding a phone outlet or wireless adapter is not necessary as it works over the home's electrical wiring. It does not eliminate or replace the phone line requirement.

DishCOMM may not work through power strips or some UPS boxes.

Enabled on the ViP622 with L401 software and the ViP211 with L436. Per the Sept 2009 Retailer Chat Recap, all ViP receivers now have DishCOMM technology activated.

Instructions posted by lakebum431 on SatelliteGuys:

  1. Hit Menu, 6, 1, 8 (to get to DishCOMM Setup screen)
  2. Go to Add, change the type to receiver and enter the R00 number for the OTHER receiver.
  3. It should search for it and find it if you entered it correctly and if there isn't too much interference in the power lines between the two boxes.
  4. Then run test to see if the two boxes “pass” you will need to hit page down to see the results of the 2nd box.
  5. Next, on the box that will not have a phone line plugged in to it, go do the Phone System Menu (from the first press of Menu it is 6, 1, 4), and change the modem type to remote.
  6. Now you should be good to go. To test go to diagnostics screen (Menu 6, 3) and test your connection.

DishCOMM uses HomePlug 1.0. It may be used in place of the ethernet jack by adding an adapter at the router. Detailed discussion at HomePlug built into the 622 (SatelliteGuys). This should substitute for the phone connection.

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