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DishNOW prepaid is a prepaid standard definition re-loadable service similar to a prepaid cell phone account. DishNOW prepaid users pay for and install their own equipment. The DishNOW platform began in 2006.

Official Website:

Program Ending

Customers using Pre-Paid calling in and want to activate their programming cards will go to a special CSR who will move them over to FlexTV and will apply the pre-paid cards they might have to their account.

Retailers may no longer sell DishNOW Prepaid programming cards. All prepaid cards expire at the end of October 2009.

For the customer there is no hardware to change over to FlexTV.

(Quoted from SatelliteGuys.US Sept 2009 Retailer Chat Recap)

There are 2 different receivers currently in use:

Both receivers now require a purple G3 smartcard. Prepaid DishNOW users with yellow or red smartcard must proactively contact DishNOW prepaid customer service at 1-888-347-4132 to request a replacement smartcard and provide their address info for shipping.

Prior to April 2009 no name, address, or phone info was required by Dish Network to activate a DishNOW receiver. Purple smartcard units activated prior to 3/31/09 still have no info on file complicating further any future required technology changes.

Core, Movies and adult DishNOW packages are provided from the 119°/110° satellite locations. DishNOW receivers do not work with Eastern Arc because they are not MPEG-4 or 8PSK compatible.

Some DishNOW prepaid international packages are still available from 61.5° and 148°. However, in early 2009 some international channels are now only available at the 118.75° location. International DishNOW prepaid users are not being provided with free Dish 500+ upgrades like regular international subscribers.

There are 4 categories of programming available: Core (locals and RSNs are not available through DishNOW Prepaid), Movies, select Adult, and select International.

There are 2 ways to pay, a one time $40 DishNOW PIN sold at Radio Shack and some authorized Dish Network retailers, or a per day redemption of a Green Dot MoneyPak PIN. DishNOW prepaid programming PIN redemptions are done through an IVR, interactive voice recognition, at 1-888-347-4132.

With a GDMP PIN prices can vary slightly depending on zip code & state taxes. These charts show how far $40 will go on a single package, and the per day cost of a package.

The promotion ends July 31, 2009 per the July Retailer Chat, to be replaced by DHA TOO or Flex TV.

Package Days $/Day
DishFamily 60 $0.67
Classic Bronze 100 34 $1.16
Classic Silver 200 25 $1.58
Classic Gold 250 21 $1.88
DishMexico 60 $0.67
DishLATINO Clásico 40 $1.00
DishLATINO Plus 34 $1.16
DishLATINO Dos 28 $1.43
DishLATINO Max 22 $1.77
Package Days $/Day
HBO 76 $0.53
Cinemax 92 $0.43
Showtime 92 $0.43
Starz 92 $0.43
Package Days $/Day
Brazilian TV Globo & RBTI 40 $1.00
Arabic Enhanced pack 46 $0.87
Hindi - SET & ZEE TV 48 $0.83
Pakistani Urdu 48 $0.83
Package Days $/Day
Ten 48 $0.83
Clips 48 $0.83

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