What is this "hidden" DISHPlayer Channel Map, and How Do I Access It?

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On 6/4/2003, Dish Network began to spool a new DISHPlayer web client (16833). This client was meant to allow the use of the Dish 9 day Extender Electronic Program Guide (EEPG) rather than the WebTV/DISHPlayer 3am download 7 day EPG. One of the side-effects (or perhaps by design) was to make the "Hidden guide" history. On repeated attempts to get the hidden guide tonight, I was unable to see any other channels listed than the ones I'm supposed to get. Below was is the original content to this page.

When the power goes out during a storm and when the power comes back on, if you've got rain fade, you can see the channels that have been mapped in the DISHPlayer. You can't watch them, of course, because of the rain fade, but you can see everything from channel 2 to 9999. That's how I first discovered that this could be done...so...

  1. Turn off DISHPlayer
  2. Wait for light to stop blinking
  3. It's better to wait for hard drive to stop spinning
  4. Unhook DISHPlayer from satellite source
  5. Turn on DISHPlayer
  6. Press HOME then go to your SETTINGS, then CHANNELS and you can see all channels in the channel list.

This is how I found out that HBO Zone, ActionMAX and ThrillerMAX had been removed from the channel map after having been there for around 7 months. The only one that was kept was HBO Comedy and we get that channel now. I hope HBO Zone and the two other MAX channels return. Those are the only three we don't get now in any form. :-( I bet DirecTV gets them.