Dish Network subscribers may be subject to any of several fees in addition to programming. While most are justified, some are not or are designed to promote higher packages. Receiver and access fees are billed monthly, the rest are per event.

Type Applies to Amount Reduction/Waiver
Additional receiver Each receiver beyond the first $5.00 None, applies to owned and leased
Additional receiver: HD MPEG-4 models $7.00 None, applies to owned and leased
(was $6 before 2/1/08)
TV2 receiver connection / “No phone”
(formerly “Additional outlet”)
Each multi-room receiver $5.00
  • $0 if connected to phone line on the account
    (or Ethernet for ViP series)
  • Waived for first DVR
    (status of 322, 222 unclear)
DVR Per DVR except 501, 508, 721 $5.98
HD Enabling Fee Account $5.00
  • Waived by subscribing to DishHD
    (was $6 before 2/1/08, $7 til 2/1/09)
  • Waived for new EA customers
  • Discontinued 4/7/09
EHD Archival Activation Account, for all 622/722 $39.99 None, but optional
EHD DVR Conversion Account, for all 211/211k/411 $39.99 None, but optional
Service Access Fee Account $6.00 $0 if subscribed to Family, AT, DL,
locals only at $9.99,
or qualifying international package
Pay-Per-View Automated Fee 1-877-DISH-PPV (347-4778) $1.00 Order via receiver connected to phone line
Pay-Per-View Live Operator Fee   $5.00 Use Automated ordering
VOD Pre-loaded to DVRs $4.99 Order regular PPV for $3.99
Downgrade programming   $5.00  
Downgrade programming - Adult   $10.00  
Early termination of commitment Unfulfilled months up to $360 $20.00 Prior to 8-1-09, $240 prorated $13.33/mo
Late Payment   $5.00  
Live Operator Payment Fee   $5.00 Mail, credit card via phone menu or Dish Home
Offset Fee ? $2.00  
Overnight Delivery Fee   $18.00  
Restart Fee   $25.00  
Returned Payment Fee   $10.00  
Smart Card Replacement Fee   $50.00  
Transaction Fee   $5.00  
Refer to Dish Customer Service and Residential Customer Agreement for further detail.