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Which Dish Network receivers can get HDTV?

ViP622HZ new!
ViP222 new!
Model 811
Model 6000

Will my existing receiver be upgraded for HDTV?

No. The above models are the only HDTV-capable receivers.

Future models previously announced include the 211 (for early Mitsubishi sets, not the current ViP211) and JVC TU-PVR9000 recorder though these have gone unmentioned for many months. Also still missing is the HD version of the AT&T Homezone receiver.

The Model 5000 is incompatible with DISH HD channels as of 4/14/04 when the last of the QPSK channels were switched over to 8PSK. It used an optional HDTV modulator that sent an 8VSB signal to an external HDTV tuner.

Will my existing receiver be upgraded for MPEG-4?

NO! Only the 211/411, 222 622 and 622HZ have MPEG-4. No other receiver is upgradeable. Dish did state on the November Tech Forum that current MPEG-4 encoders weren't achieving the level of efficiency they had hoped for so they would instead use 8PSK Turbo. Without MPEG-4 channels there is no need to worry about MPEG-4 receivers. How long that remains the case is the $699 question.

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