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Which Dish Network receivers can get HDTV?

Will my existing receiver be upgraded for HDTV?

No. The above models are the only HDTV-capable receivers.

Will my existing receiver be upgraded for MPEG-4?

NO! Only the 211/411, 222 and 622 have MPEG-4. No other receiver is upgradeable.

What HDTV channels does Dish offer?

(1) Available to new subscribers only as a single package, depending on subscription level
(2) Requires AT250 or higher

What dish do I need to receive HDTV programming?

Likely a Dish 1000 (110°, 119°, 129°), with areas outside the 129° footprint getting a Dish 500 with a separate “wing” dish for 61.5°.  Some in the Pacific Northwest will get a separate larger dish for 129° due to difficult reception in that region. Beginning Aug 2008, new customers in the eastern part of the US will get a Dish 1000.4 for all-MPEG-4 service from 61.5°/72.7°/77°.

Where can I learn more?

Links to HDTV resources, discussion boards, and news sources.

Shopping tips and guides

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