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This page is a compilation of tips and solutions that have been shared by many users of the Hopper/Joey system.


Menu Shortcuts

These shortcuts can greatly reduce the number of button presses required to get to some commonly used screens, for instance reaching the Closed Captioning menu is cut from 9 keystrokes to 2. They do not appear on the menu screen title bars or the tiles. (copied from the 922 tips page, please report differences)

From Live TV: Tuner status (inactive feature) Settings Menu Broadband Setup
From Main Menu: Jump between banner and screen menus On Demand Settings Menu Broadband Setup
From Settings Menu: Jump between banner and screen menus Super Diagnostics System Info Point Dish Broadband Setup
From EPG: Choose Favorites List     Expand Collapsible Channels

From the Settings Menu: the tiles are invisibly labeled 1-7, just count across the screen and press that number on the remote.


To pair a Joey to another Hopper, press the blue shortcut button on the remote, click on the whole home tile, then select the other Hopper.

Using Universal Remote Control

Hopper will respond to Dish IR codeset 1. To enable IR, go to Settings > (1) Remote Control > IR.

The profiles are exactly the same as those for the 922 and 722k already posted at remote central and built in to most universal remotes. You can also capture them from a 20.0 Dish remote, harmony or JP1 remote.

Or you can make your own pronto hex with MakeHex and the following protocol info:

Protocol: Dish, Device: 0
Red 19
Green 53
Yellow 34
Blue 35

Compiled from user reports on DBSTalk.COM, SatelliteGuys.US, and news://alt.dbs.echostar.

Updated 5-21-12. Do you have a tip to share, or find an error in the printed manual? Tell the EKB