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The FAQ for the alt.dbs.echostar Newsgroup created by Lance Pickup and substantially revised and updated by jbuff is no longer available. Check Google for FAQ postings.

If you have a newsreader, and your ISP supports news, see the alt.dbs.echostar NewsGroup. If not, you can access and post to newsgroups using your web browser via Google. alt.dbs.echostar at Google

If your ISP doesn't support news, here's some sources for “free” news, from a contributor.
“A list of free news servers can be found at http://ecalame.tripod.com/free.html Or, I've been using: news://gail.ripco.com and is good for text like this newsgroup.”

Channels and Satellites

If you're curious about which programming is on which satellite, LyngSat has some current information.

TNGTony's Dish Channel List page has condensed all of the info from the LyngSat charts along with other information in ascending Dish channel number order.

If you're new to DBS, or shopping for a system, be sure to check the DBSTalk programming comparison chart at (link needed).

Web Forums

DBSTalk http://www.dbstalk.com was founded June 2001 to promote the free exchange of information and ideas from members of the satellite community. Rumors and speculation are always welcome along with liberal discussions of other related topics. Having fun is what DBSTalk is all about.

SatelliteGuys.US http://www.satelliteguys.us was founded Sept 2003 to bring you the best DBS News, Talk, Rumors and Information found anywhere on the Internet.

Also not specifically for EchoStar users, but a valuable source of information on matters of audio, high fidelity and home theatre is eCoustics.com. “Everything Hi-Fi Online” http://ecoustics.com


James Long personal site with package channel counts, DirecTV comparison, spot beam maps

How to decode EchoStar receiver serial numbers

What is Macrovision? http://www.macrovision.com/

For information on markets and DMAs, see this page from AC Nielsen Corp.