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(Originally posted by ElecConnec)

Thanks to Marc Kaplan and Martin Schuessler for alerting me to a problem with the Universal O-F-A/RadioShack EFC codes I'd posted previously. Although the PTV function codes I posted worked on my RadioShack One-For-All clone (the 15-1925) they don't all seem to work on the OFA Cinema series or the RS 15-1994.

Apparently, my 15-1925 has a complete set of redundant EFCs in addition to the “standard” OFA EFCs. I retested with a “real” OFA remote as well as my 1925 and found a common set of PTV EFC codes that worked on both.

So, I'll requote the original post with the corrections in place:

I'm a big fan of One-For-All remotes by Universal Electronics, mostly because of their special features like the ability to re-map functions to any key you want to. (Called “Key Mover” on high end models.)

Most RadioShack remotes like the (deservedly) beloved 15-1994 can also use this feature to place keys where YOU want them. (You can also “copy” the functions with the learning function of course, but this method saves memory- you can only learn 28 keys total for all devices on a OFA Cinema “IQ” series or RS learning remote.)

Every pre-programmed function on an OFA remote is associated with a 3-digit “Extended Function Code” (or EFC). If the “System Info” function on for a DISH receiver's remote is 142 (and it is!) you could put it on the “surround” key (for whatever reason!) of your Cinema 7, for example, by holding down “Setup” until it blinks twice, then 9-9-4 (the “keymover” function), then setup (press and release, don't hold), then 1-4-2 (EFC for Sys Info) and finally “Surround” (the key you want to stick the function on.)

So, reprogramming your remote requires you to know all of the EFCs for the remotes original functions, which you can get from One-For-All by e-mail, or from various “fan pages” on the web. However, OFA is slow to update their databases and haven't included the PVR functions for 501s yet, so I spent about an hour this afternoon trial-and-erroring them, and proudly present the PVR Extended Function Codes for DISH PVR501 remotes.

Obviously you don't need to reprogram functions your OFA remote already maps to the “right” key, like the cursor keys and number keys, but I listed those EFCs as well for the sake of completeness. The format is the 3-digit EFC followed by what DISH labels the function.

One For All Remote Extended Function codes for Dish Network Satellite - <Cable/Sat code 775/0775>


Original Grey-Button Remote Functions (used on newer remotes as well):

273 Right/Browse 657 Left/Theme
465 Down 593 Up
528 Select 336 Cancel
400 Guide 274 Info
563 Menu 305 Recall
720 View 594 Power
432 TV/Video 177 Record
240 0 658 1
370 2 466 3
531 4 243 5
339 6 403 7
627 8 723 9

Blue-Button Remote Additions:

178 Page Down 179 Page Up
110 * 206 #
142 System Info  

DISH Model 6000 Additions:

176 Mode (SD/HD)

Platinum Remote Additions:
(PVR Extended Function Codes for DISH PVR501)

237 PTV Menu 236 Rew (Back)
172 Skip Ahead 076 FF (Forward)
204 Skip Back 177 Record
050 Play 238 Stop
014 Pause  

So, that should allow everybody to run out to RadioShack while the 15-1994 is still on sale for $29.99, soup them up for their PVR-501s, and still preserve their 28-learning memories for their DISHPlayers! ;-)

My 14-1995 won't even accept that (0775) code. When its a valid code, the red light blinks twice to signal that it was accepted. When I enter 0775, it just does one long red flash, indicating it was invalid. Is my remote too old or something?

Good question- are you sure it's a 15-1994? Does it use 3-digit codes or 4-digit codes? (The older RS remotes built by OFA use a 3-digit code, which would make it “775” instead of “0775”.) Remember as well, that the code must be entered on the proper device key (cable or sat).