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The PBS national channel is available to subscribers who cannot receive local channels via satellite and in an area where a local PBS affiliate allows the distribution of the channel.  Unlike ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, the PBS national channel is automatically available to subscribers (for an extra fee) who cannot subscribe to local channels via Dish Network unless the local PBS claims exclusive territory.  This territory is much smaller than the major networks.  Though there are exceptions due to errors and so-called “grandfathering”, any customer who can subscribe to local channels that include a local PBS affiliate via Dish Network cannot subscribe to the PBS national channel a la carte ($1.50 a month)

The PBS national channel is also used as the PBS station in some markets where a local PBS affiliate is not available including the following areas:
Abilene/Sweetwater, Bakersfield, Billings, Dothan, Rochester (NY), Santa Barbara, Sherman/Ada and Wichita Falls/Lawton.

The national PBS channel delays broadcast of its prime time programs usually by 24 hours.  The Friday night news programs are the notable exceptions.  It is a concession to the local PBS stations who want us to watch their stations.

You can find more information about the satellite feed of PBS from http://www.pbs.org/aboutpbs/aboutpbs_prog_allsatellite_faqs.html and they do have a link for e-mail satellite@pbs.org