What is the phone line connection for?

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The phone line is used for reporting PPV purchases, and the Customer Service features of Dish Home.  It is not used for software or guide updates and, except as already mentioned, is not required for receiver operation.

All Receivers

Per the Customer Service Agreement, all receivers are to be continuously connected to a phone line.  Failure to keep a line connected can result in a call from the Dish Audit Team requiring you to read certain information off the System Info screen of every receiver or have them shut off.  Receivers in the ViP line, beginning with the 622/722, can use DishCOMM in place of additional phone outlets, or an ethernet connection to the internet to replace the phone entirely.

Dual-output Receivers

For all receivers that can operate in Dual Mode, running 2 rooms off one box, Dish requires a phone line to be connected in order to waive a $4.99 “Program Access Fee” that is separate from any Additional Outlet or DVR fees that may apply.  The ViP line (622/722, 222) can use an internet connection to avoid the fee, though Dish Home features still require the phone.


I have a couple of questions. First off does the DISHPlayer have to connect to the Internet using the modem? I already have a high speed connection into my home and would prefer to use it.
Yes, there is no other internet connection possible.

Likewise do the features of the DISHPlayer for channel program descriptions require the WebTV service, or will they work with any ISP?
Channel program descriptions are via the satellite link.

It's kind of an odd question, I know. I'm guessing that it won't work as the modem is probably the only data communications feature in the system.
Good guess, but only WebTV depends on a phone connection. Everything else is via satellite.

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