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ARCHOS portable media player/recorders allow USB transfer of video, music, photos and other content from a Dish Network DVR to be stored on an internal hard drive, and played back on a built-in LCD display.


The Gen5 605 and 705 PMPs are compatible with the 622 and 722.  (The 405 is also listed on the ARCHOS download page, but not the main plug-ins page and was not mentioned on the Tech Forum.)  Both have touch screens, wi-fi, and larger hard drives.  They are thinner and have an easier UI than previous models.  Another change from PocketDISH is that programs will be MOVED instead of copied.

Rather than having a special hardware variant available only from Dish and dealers, customers now also have the option to purchase a Gen5 PMP from any retailer.  Dish retailers will have them available for a lower price.

Software requirements


The PocketDISH name, applied to special “E” versions of ARCHOS players, has been retired.  They have been replaced in Dec 2007 with the regular “Gen5” ARCHOS portables.

Official site for the PocketDISH branded product: http://www.pocketdish.com/


Software Updates

Connect your PocketDISH via USB to a DISH Network DVR and the latest available software will automatically download.



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