Red Jaggies Fixed

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This is news for owners of the 3700 or 4700 model Echostar receivers with the “red jaggie” problem. Earlier this month I called Echostar to get put on a waiting list for a new fixed receiver. Echostar just called me and said that my new receiver is on the way and that they have the problem fixed. I guess that remains to be seen but I find it good news that they have at least called and sent me a new receiver.

Others on this board who went on the waiting list should be getting a call very shortly. For the sake of others who don't know about the list, call (303)790-4445 Ex 63800 to have your receiver replaced if it has the red jaggie color problem.

How do I know if I have the “Red Jaggies”?

Reported by: John Fischer

Tune to a channel that is showing the Dish Network logo (the unused sports PPV channels are a good place to find them).

Then go to my web site at: (Dead Link) and compare your screen to the closeups I took of mine. If you have the red jaggies, you won't be able to miss them

04/07/00 Reportedly, 4700 units manufactured after November 1999 have no “Red Jaggies” problems. To know when your new 4700 was manufactured, you'll have to know How to decode Echostar receiver serial numbers.