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  1. The Echostar Knowledge Base Home Page
  2. Bugs Page
  3. Dish PQ Page
  4. Magic Page
  5. Local Cities Available on Dish Network
  6. Mods Page
  7. Installation Page
  8. Contributor's Guide to the Echostar Knowledge Base (lost from archives, e-mail an editor)
  9. Can I Mix Dish and DirecTV LNBs on one Dish?
  10. Newbie Dish 500 Install
  11. What are switches, and why do I need them?
  12. Check your qualification for Dishnets
  13. DishPlayer Page
  14. Some PTV Questions and Answers
  15. Dish Locals by Market Rank
  16. Red Jaggies Fixed
  17. History of Rate Increases on Dish
  18. Locals Page
  19. Dish Network Locals Cities
  20. What Does "Must Carry" Mean?
  21. What local cities are planned for Dish?
  22. Can I use an old 18" Dish to get 105° or 121° satellites?
  23. 4000 VCR Timer fails to start recording
  24. On The Road Page
  25. What if I have trees in the way?
  26. What do I need to get locals from my city?
  27. My signal strength is only 61 Will my picture improve if I can increase it?
  28. What's that strange logo in the lower left corner of my screen?
  29. Where can I get a good cheap LNB?
  30. 3600 receiver (lost from archives)
  31. Dishplayer records for only one minute
  32. Netscape/Mac (editing tips for original Swiki site)
  33. How do I increase the UHF remote sensitivity?
  34. Dish 500 Page
  35. What's this Twin LNBF I've heard about?
  36. Do I need Dish 500?
  37. What is the Dish 500 Upgrade Offer?
  38. Some Questions about VCRs and the Dishplayer
  39. Lost most channels
  40. Got PTV, Where's my games?
  41. Other Echostar Information Sources
  42. Why So Many DISH Info Channels?
  43. Newbie Page
  44. America's Everything Pack Programming
  45. Some PQ Questions and Answers (lost from archives)
  46. Dish 500 correct install plus 5 degrees? NO!
  47. News
  48. Warning, parental locks don't work on PTV'd programs
  49. Public Interest Services Channel Listing
  50. What is the phone line connection for?
  51. Sky Angel Channel Changes
  52. Dish Channel List
  53. Strange DISHPLAYER blockiness
  54. How do I switch the 7100 to pass through my antenna to the TV?
  55. What's New On TV?
  56. My DishNets E & W NBC, CBS, & FOX cutoff 01/09/00
  57. PBS "Day-Old" Programs
  58. Sound/video creep (lost from archives)
  59. Some Dish 500 Questions and Answers
  60. How can I control my IR receiver from another room?
  61. Echostar 4000 V621 can't show info screen
  62. Dealer and Installer Page
  63. Using Dishplayer with freewwweb (lost from archives)
  64. Plug in your phone line
  65. Echostar 4000 V621 multiple problems
  66. 4000 V621 Blackouts vary from none to every half hour
  67. 4000 V621 Problem Descriptions
  68. What is Open TV?
  69. Troubleshooting Page
  70. Primestar Dish LNB conversion
  71. Suggestions Forum
  72. PTV Discussion Forum
  73. Will my Dishnets be Cut off?
  74. If your DishNets have been cut off
  75. Stupid CSR Tricks (lost from archives)
  76. Stupid Installer Tricks
  77. Stupid Salesperson Tricks
  78. Question and Answer Page
  79. Dishplayer has "no information" in EPG (lost from archives)
  80. Showtime and Dish unveil HDTV on CH 9430 (9439?) on 61.5W
  81. Dishnets Page
  82. What is Dish 500?
  83. Credits Page
  84. 3000 and 4000 series "lock up" (lost from archives)
  85. 4000 V621 loss of signal when getting program info
  86. How many LNBs will I get with my Dish 500 Upgrade?
  87. Use of a “ground block”
  88. Should my switch be grounded?
  89. Should I mount my switch in a watertight box?
  90. Dishplayer 7200 Price hike (lost from archives)
  91. Retailer Charlie Chat Info February 2000
  92. What does a "basic" install include?
  93. Reader Survey
  94. Transponder Loss at 119W?
  95. Echostar Knowledge Base Attacked
  96. Menu (frame from original Swiki site)
  97. The Echostar Knowledge Base (headlines frame from original Swiki site)
  98. Table of Contents
  99. This page
  100. How does compression work, and how does it affect Picture Quality?
  101. Receiver Comparison Chart
  102. Systems Page
  103. Dish System Model Number Chart
  104. Satellite Internet Access Page - see
  105. Press Releases
  106. Why do I need Dish 500 for the new AT150 subscription?
  107. HDTV Page
  108. Dish Model 6000 HDTV Receiver Features
  109. News Archive -- 2000
  110. Add a Coaxial SP-DIF output jack to your Dishplayer!
  111. Equipment
  112. What is a Ground Loop?
  113. Why does my signal strength bar go up to 125 percent?
  114. Retailer Chat March 2000
  115. Programming Page
  116. AT100 Programming
  117. AT200CD Programming
  118. AT250CD Programming
  119. A La Carte Programming
  120. Dish Pix Programming
  121. International Programming
  122. Premium Programming
  123. HBO Programming
  124. Showtime Programming
  125. Cinemax Programming
  126. Starz/Encore Programming
  127. DishPRO 301 Advance Info
  128. DishPRO PVR 501 Info
  129. Quad LNB Advance Info
  130. Technical
  131. News Archive -- 2001
  132. FAQs (lost from archives)
  133. AT70CD Programming
  134. Alaska & Hawaii Programming (lost from archives)
  135. Alaska & Hawaii Premium Programming
  136. Alaska & Hawaii A La Carte Programming
  137. Daylight Savings Time is coming, EPG shows strange times
  138. What's New On TV? -- Archive 2001 (lost from archives)
  139. DishPro PVR 501 Review
  140. DishPVR 501 Expansion Port
  141. The Dishplayer and Dish 500. Some important installation facts
  142. Programming Q & A (lost from archives)
  143. What programming is at 61.5W?
  144. EchoStar's DISH Network Brings Streaming Video to Office Desktop (PR)
  145. Some Installation Q & A
  146. How to decode Echostar receiver serial numbers
  147. EchoStar Invests $50 Million in Gilat-To-Home to Offer First Two-Way Satellite Internet Access Combined with DISH Network Satellite Television on Single Dish (PR)
  148. EchoStar Communications Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend for 6 3/4 percent Series C Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock (PR)
  149. Echostar Humor Page
  150. New shorthand posting methods for alt.dbs.echostar
  151. DISH Network Now Offers Indianapolis Metro Area Local Channels Via Satellite Television (PR)
  152. Dish Network Web Site Table of Contents
  153. Dish Network Web Site Main Menu Table of Contents
  154. Dish Network Web Site Drop Menu Table of Contents
  155. DISH Network Incluira a TV Azteca, El Principal Canal Mexicano, en su Paquete DISH Latino (PR)
  156. DISH Network Offers Major Heavyweight Boxing Event: Lewis vs. Grant (PR)
  157. DISH Network Launches Discovery Health Channel (PR)
  158. EchoStar's DISH Network First Satellite Television Provider to Offer HBO Comedy Channel (PR)
  159. DISH Network Satellite Television Showcases EA Sports Supercross Motorcycle Series On Pay-Per-View (PR)
  160. EchoStar Reports Record Results for First Quarter; DISH Network Sets Record for Subscriber Growth (PR)
  161. DISH Network Passes Four Million Customer Milestone (PR)
  162. Dish Latino Programming
  163. DISH Network Offers All-Digital Satellite Television Systems for Two Rooms With No Equipment to Buy! (PR)
  164. New Dishplayer Receiver Software V1.12 reported to fix Switch Error Bug
  165. Sun Comm Gives 'TV Relief' to Los Alamos Fire Victims in Santa Fe Shelter (PR)
  166. Free PTV until June 30, 2003 for new Dishplayer activation
  167. Showtime, EchoStar Team Up for DISH Network Promotion At Sears (PR)
  168. DISH Network Offers Free Digital Video Recording Features for DISHPlayer Satellite TV Receiver (PR)
  169. EchoStar's DISH Network Reaches Agreements with Network Broadcasters, Station Groups; DISH Network To Continue Retransmitting Local Channels in 28 Cities (PR)
  170. What's New On TV? -- Archive 2000 (lost from archives)
  171. EchoStar and Clear Channel Communications Reach Agreement for Retransmision in Minneapolis; WFTC-FOX Channel 29 Returns to DISH Network Line-Up (PR)
  172. What is this "hidden" DishPlayer Channel Map, and How Do I Access It?
  173. Action Pack Programming
  174. Encore Pack Programming
  175. Charlie Chat Schedule and Summary
  176. DISH Network Satellite TV Offers EURO 2000 Three-week Soccer Tournament On Pay-per-View (PR)
  177. EchoStar's New High Definition Satellite Television Receivers Shipped to DISH Network Retailers
  178. Wink Lands National Satellite TV Deal With EchoStar and OpenTV (PR)
  179. EchoStar, OpenTV Agree to Deliver Wink's Enhanced Broadcasting and 'T-commerce' Nationwide to DISH Network Satellite TV Viewers (PR)
  180. Tech Chat Schedule and Summary
  181. Recommended maximum cable lengths for use with SW21 and SW42 switches
  182. "Wizard of Oz" / Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" simulcast tonight on Dish (PR)
  183. DISH Network Now Offers Raleigh-Durham, N.C., Metro Area Local Channels Via Satellite Television (PR)
  184. Superstations Programming
  185. DISH Network Now Offers San Diego Metro Area Local Channels Via Satellite Television (PR)
  186. DISH Network Adds Three New Channels to America's Top 150 Programming Package: FOX Movie Channel, SoapNet, the Golf Channel (PR)
  187. EchoStar Offers New Digital Dynamite -Four Easy Ways to Get Complete Dish Network Satellite Television With No Equipment to Buy! (PR)
  188. EchoStar Communications Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend for the 6-3/4 percent Series C Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock 7/11/00 (PR)
  189. EchoStar and Chris Craft Reach Agreement for Retransmission OF TV Stations in Salt Lake City, New York City (PR)
  190. Dish Network Offers Three Exciting Soccer Matches (PR)
  191. EchoStar VI Satellite Successfully Launched; EchoStar's Sixth Satellite To Increase Channel Capacity for DISH Network Satellite TV Service (PR)
  192. EchoStar Introduces New Low Price for Complete Dish 500 Satellite Television System (PR)
  193. DISH Network Reaches 10 Million Viewers (PR)
  194. EchoStar's New DISH DVD Model 5422 Satellite Television Systems Available Soon; EchoStar's DISH Network Demonstrates World's First DVD/Satellite TV Receiver Offering
  195. EchoStar Communications Corporation Names Michael McDonnell as Chief Financial Officer (PR)
  196. DISH Network Offers Premium Movie Channels Free for New Customers; New Customers Can Get Up to 28 Movie Channels FREE for THREE Months! (PR)
  197. EchoStar Signs CVS as New DISH Network Regional Distributor (PR)
  198. DISH Network Satellite TV Adds WGN-TV Chicago to Local Channel Lineup (PR)
  199. DISH Network Presents Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby, and More Live On Pay-per-view in August On Satellite TV (PR)
  200. DISH Network Adds Nickelodeon Games and Sports Channel to America's Top 150 Programming Package (PR)
  201. EchoStar Reports Record Results for Second Quarter, 2000 (PR)
  202. ESPN, EchoStar Team Up for DISH Network Promotion At Sears (PR)
  203. DISH Network Satellite Television Offers America's 'Everything' Pak (PR)
  204. DISH Network Offers Showtime's Holyfield vs. Ruiz Championship Boxing On Dish-On-Demand Pay-Per-View (PR)
  205. Metalheads Rejoice With Maximum Rock on Pay-Per-View; Motley Crue, Megadeth, Anthrax Perform During Maximum Rock U.S. Tour (PR)
  206. DISH Network Kicks Off English Premier League Soccer On Pay-Per-View Starting Aug. 19 (PR)
  207. EchoStar Signs P.C. Richard & Son as New Regional DISH Network Retailer (PR)
  208. EchoStar Signs H.H. Gregg as New Dish Network Retailer (PR)
  209. EchoStar to Sell DISH Network Satellite Television Systems in 105 Bradlees Retail Stores (PR)
  210. DISH Network Offers Montreaux Jazz Festival On Pay-Per-View (PR)
  211. DISH Network Satellite TV Offers Four Major Soccer Matches On Pay-Per-View; England vs. France, Holland vs. Ireland, Bosnia vs. Spain, Brazil vs. Bolivia on DISH-On-Demand! (PR)
  212. Gilat2Home Installation Notes (see
  213. Networking G2H on LAN - Mac and Windows (see
  214. DISH Network Offers Broadway Smash Smokey Joe's Cafe, New Cirque Du Soleil On Pay-Per-View; Two Stage Performances Available on DISH-On-Demand (PR)
  215. EchoStar, Landmark Communications Reach Agreement for Retransmission in Nashville; WTVF-CBS Channel 5 Returns to DISH Network Satellite TV Line-Up (PR)
  216. Dish Network Offers Light Heavyweight Boxing Match Live on Pay-Per-View with Roy Jones, Jr. vs. Eric Harding (PR)
  217. DishPro Technology
  218. Calculating Azimuth and Elevation while travelling (lost from archives)
  219. Dummy219 (was a test page)
  220. DISH Network Launches Preview of India's Leading Family Channel, Sony Entertainment Television! (PR)
  221. DISH Network Offers Popular Irish Sport – Hurling – On Pay-Per-View (PR)
  222. DISH Network Now Offers Greenville, S.C., Metro Area Local Channels Via Satellite Television (PR)
  223. DISH Network Now Offers Cincinnati Metro Area Local Channels Via Satellite Television (PR)
  224. EchoStar to Add Odyssey Network to DISH Network Programming Line-Up; Odyssey Available to DISH Network Satellite TV Customers Nationwide (PR)
  225. J.D. Power and Associates Ranks DISH Network No.1 in Customer Satisfaction (PR)
  226. EchoStar Communications Corporation Announces $600 Million Rule 144A Offering (PR)
  227. DISH Network's Free Installation is Back! New DISH Network Satellite Television Customers Can Also Get Three Months of Premium Movie Channels for FREE! (PR)
  228. DISH Network Satellite Television Unleashes Fall Digital Dynamite Promotion With Free Professional Installation! (PR)
  229. Gilat2Home Self-Installer's notes (see
  230. Irish Football Championship Live On DISH Network Satellite TV Pay-Per-View (PR)
  231. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations
  232. Dish Network Solution Base
  233. HDTV Receiver Features
  234. EchoStar Communications Corporation Announces Increase, Completion of 144A Senior Notes Offering (PR)
  235. Purchasing Used Equipment
  236. Dolby Digital
  237. DISH Network Launches New HDTV Pay-Per-View Channel (PR)
  238. DISH Network Offers Four Cricket Packages (PR)
  239. Dish Latino 2 Programming
  240. DISH Network Satellite TV Offers Major Soccer Matches On Pay-Per-View: England vs. Germany, England vs. Finland, Argentina vs. Uruguay, Portugal vs. Holland (PR)
  241. EchoStar, Hearst-Argyle Television Stations Reach Retransmission Agreement (PR)
  242. DISH Network Satellite Television to Offer San Antonio, TX, Metro-Area Local Channels (PR)
  243. EchoStar's DISH Network Satellite Television Offers 504 Hours of Free Air Time to U.S. Presidential Candidates (PR)
  244. DISH Network Satellite Television Offers New South Asian Channel Packages
  245. DISH Network Offers Free Weekend Preview of STARZ ENCORE Super Pak Premium Movie Channels (PR)
  246. DISH Network Satellite Television to Premiere Halloween SCREAM FEST 2000 On Pay-per-view (PR)
  247. Dish Channel List Changes Archive
  248. EchoStar's DISH Network Adds Lifetime Movie Network to Programming Lineup (PR)
  249. EchoStar Communications Corporation Announces Quarterly Dividend for the 6 3/4 percent Series C Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock (PR)
  250. DISH Network Satellite TV Expands Spanish Language Programming With DISH LATINO DOS (PR)
  251. Dominion Sky Angel
  252. Tyson, Golota Duke It Out On DISH Network Satellite Television (PR)
  253. EchoStar VI Reaches Final Orbit, Begins Broadcasting to DISH Network Satellite TV Customers (PR)
  254. EchoStar Communications Corporation and Geocast Network Systems Align to Deliver New Personalized Interactive Broadband Services to PC Users Via Satellite (PR)
  255. Discontinued Receiver Comparison Chart
  256. EchoStar Communications Corporation Third Quarter 2000 Earnings Announcement (PR)
  257. DISH Network Satellite Television Features Lennox Lewis, David Tua Boxing Showdown Live on Pay-Per-View (PR)
  258. DISH Network Satellite Television Scores ESPN FULL COURT College Basketball On Pay-Per-View (PR)
  259. DISH Network Satellite TV to Add Fox Sports World to America's Top 150 Programming Package (PR)
  260. EchoStar Reports Record Results for Third Quarter, 2000 (PR)
  261. DISH Network Passes Five Million Customer Milestone; EchoStar Celebrates 20 Years of Providing Satellite Television (PR)
  262. EchoStar Opens Sixth Customer Service Center in Bluefield, West Va., to Serve Growing Demand for DISH Network Satellite Television (PR)
  263. EchoStar Celebrates Grand Opening of New Technical Support Customer Service Center in Virginia's Montgomery County (PR)
  264. DISH Network Satellite Television Offers Albuquerque-Santa Fe, N.M., Metro-Area Local Channels (PR)
  265. DISH Network Satellite TV Adds Wisdom Television to America's Top 150 Programming Package (PR)
  266. DISH Network Offers Trinidad Vs. Vargas Boxing Live On DISH-on-Demand Pay-Per-View (PR)
  267. EchoStar Wins Stay In Appeals Court; EchoStar Fights for Consumers Rights to Choose Their Network TV Programming (PR)
  268. DISH Network Satellite TV Adds E! Networks' 'style.' Channel to America's Top 150 Programming Package (PR)
  269. DISH Network Adds Dutch Language Channel, BVN-TV, to International Programming Line-up (PR)
  270. DISH-On-Demand Pay-Per-View to Offer Exciting Action, Comedy, Specials in December: 'South Park Holiday Memories,' 'Mission: Impossible 2,' 'The Perfect Storm,' 'The Patriot' (PR)
  271. EchoStar Files Suit Against Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc. For Antitrust Violations (PR)
  272. DISH Network Offers Motivational Seminars From Brian Tracy On Pay-Per-View
  273. DISH Network to Add HBO Latino Channel to HBO The Works Premium Movie Package (PR)
  274. DISH Network Satellite Television Offers Two SHOWTIME Channels in Dolby Digital Audio (PR)
  275. EchoStar Introduces Off-Air Analog/Digital Tuner Cartridge for High Definition Television
  276. DISH Network Offers Popular Carlton United Cricket Series to U.S. and Caribbean Territories (PR)
  277. DISH Network Satellite Television Adds Five New Public Interest Channels (PR)
  278. Converting the Starband USB-180 for networking via RJ45 (Ethernet)
  279. "One for All" Remote Control Codes
  280. Alternate Audio Channels
  281. What's New On TV
  282. Partial Dish Channel List page 1
  283. Partial Dish Channel List page 2
  284. Partial Dish Channel List page 3
  285. Partial Dish Channel List page 4
  286. Partial Dish Channel List page 5
  287. 101 Things to Do With a Dead Dishplayer
  288. For making me miss the Sopranos. Two taps in the eyes (lost from archives, but relates to 287)
  289. Paintball Body Armor (lost from archives, but relates to 287)
  290. Dish Latino Max
  291. DishPVR 501 User Guide Supplement
  292. DishPVR 501 Index
  293. News Archive -- 2002
  294. DishPVR 721 Index
  295. Dish Network Receiver Software Versions
  296. DVR508 v. Dishplayer Features
  297. Mirror Spot Beam Satellites Page
  298. News Archive -- 2003
  299. Using Blue-button Remote with PVR501/508 (lost from archives)
  300. Echostar Satellites
  301. DishPro 301
  302. 301 Software History
  303. Model 4000
  304. News Archive -- 2004
  305. DVR522
  306. DVR522 Software History
  307. DishPro 811
  308. 811 Software History
  309. DVR921
  310. 921 Software History
  311. DishPro 311
  312. 311 Software History
  313. 501 Software History
  314. 721 Software History
  315. 6000 Software History
  316. SuperDISH
  317. 3700 Software History
  318. 3900 Software History
  319. DishPro 111
  320. 111 Software History
  321. 4900 Software History
  322. DishPro 322
  323. 322 Software History
  324. 1000 Software History
  325. 3000 Software History
  326. 4000 Software History
  327. 5000 Software History
  328. D-VHS Software History
  329. DISHPlayer Software History
  330. DVR942
  331. DVR942 Software History
  332. DVR625
  333. DVR625 Software History

Press release (PR) archives have been lost, and DISH Network Corporation - Press Releases only goes back to 2003 (the ones here were mostly from 2000).