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A friendly dealer sent me this summary of important Retailer Charlie Chat information. Those of you hungry for real info can read his words below.

Comments in italics are from another dealer/contributor.

Tampa/St. Petersburg locals on 2/21
Sacramento locals on 2/29

7100 series is done. (too bad!)
7200 series going up to $399 system/$349 standalone, no keyboard, but eligible for all promos.

Twin LNBF to start shipping with 4722 systems about March 1st.
34-step switch check SW for 3800s to spool about March 1st
No 34-step SW for 5000s, now or ever (?)

Software is simply not available yet, coming in the future. Twin LNBF will retail for $149

I don't think this means they can't use the twin or quad LNBFs, just can't cascade switches (?)

You can't use the Twin or the Quad LNBs because the software in the receivers will not support it yet.

(jbuff) Still more info is available on What's this Twin LNBF I've heard about?.

Charlie blew it when asking an engineer about using the Twin LNBF and cascading switches...went through a few scenarios like adding a 61.5 dish to a two receiver system using some SW21s in conjunction with the Twin, etc....and then asked "how we do 4 receivers and a third dish with the Twin LNBF? (answer) "we replace the twin with dual-feed LNBFs and use a SW64" (Charlie) "No, I mean using the Twin" (answer) "Yes..I know...we can't". (Charlie) "Oh, well. oops, blah, blah, blah".

I do not believe you can run a twin LNB into a 4 way multi-switch, this is what Charlie was getting at. However, you have to use the quad to go to 4 receivers.

Retailer flex payment on 5000s is going down, to match the 7200 (I think). They're pushing the 7200s, it seems.......they probably built too many instead of the 3800s that we need...;)

Some lucky retailers will win a trip to the Echostar VI launch (probably the CEOs of Costco and Sears, I'll bet)

A new Dish 500 retailer upgrade form will have a place to enter the customer's credit card number. (Still confusion about this...i.e., who qualifies the, or Dish?)

Dealers are responsible for qualifying the customers credit card, unless customers calls Dish Directly and schedules an upgrade, then Echo would qualify the card.

The rebate plan (formerly One-Rate) now REQUIRES qualification via valid credit card at time of activation. Formerly, customers could elect to get their rebate after paying on time for a year...but no more.

It's still called one-rate, and you must have a credit card to qualify. However, if you do not have a credit card, you can pay for your programming for a year in advance and get it right away or make 12 consecutive payments ontime and in full and get your rebate at the end of 12 months. They are simply not doing credit checks anymore