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Sear's Salesperson doesn't know what a DISHPlayer is.

I went to the Watchung, NJ Sears and what I saw was a display of satellite TV that was just horrible. They did have a Phillips unit and a JVC unit on display but they didn't have them labeled correctly and had the incorrect information and pricing next to the display units.

When a sales person finally asked me if I needed help, I explained that I was interested in a DISHPlayer 7100 unit. And I pointed to the price card that provided info on the JVC 7100 unit (which incidentally had a price of $199). The woman had no idea there were different types of receivers nor what they did. She kept saying that if I had Dish Network, all I needed was this one they had on special for $99. I explained to her several times I already had Dish Network and two receivers and that I wanted to get the DISHPlayer with WebTV.

She ended up going in the back and bringing out boxes for me to look at so I could determine if any of them were what I wanted. After she brought out the $99 Phillips and another box that was the wrong thing.. she told me that was all they had.

Flustered Sam's Club Salesperson calls the Sheriff

I, too, have had problems with Sear's, plus, EVERY distributor in the north Atlanta area. No one has even heard of the DISHPlayer and most don't even know about ANY special promotions. But my worst experience was at SAM'S CLUB in Duluth, Ga.

I had to join to get in.....$35 for my wife and myself. I found the display and waited/looked around for assistance for 20 minutes or so. Then my wife went to the customer no-service desk for help.....she had to do this 3 times before we got someone to assist us. It turned out to be a kid about 18 or so. I asked him about the 7000 series. He responds with 'these are the only ones we have and we can't order anything else'. Trying to be knowledgeable, he says I can purchase one of his 'basic' systems and then upgrade. OK....I said. Where would I go to get the 'upgraded' system. 'What do you mean' he sighs. I say again....'If I purchase the 'basic' system, where would I go to get the 'upgrade' to the 7000 series?' 'Huh?'......he says. I finally told him he did not know what he was talking about. He says...'If you are going to be rude, I'll have to get my manager'. I say go ahead. The kid/jerk comes back with a Gwinnett County Deputy who, not so politely, escorts my wife and I out of the store.