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SuperDISH picks up the 119, 110 DBS satellites and either the 105 or 121 FSS satellites.


There are 4 variations of SuperDISH.  Type I has a metal dish, Type II is plastic.  Either can be for 105 or 121.

SuperDISH on the TechPortal (

The dish used for 119, 110 and 129 is a Dish 1000.

Dish Channel Chart 105 subset
Dish Channel Chart 121 subset


The LNB shroud on the 105 version is labeled "HDTV" but SuperDISH has never been used for HDTV channels (see HD Dish).

The following receivers will not recognize the 105 or 121 FSS satellites: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, DISHPlayer, JVC-DVHS.

105 SuperDISH, more specifically the AMC-2 satellite scheduled to be replaced in 4Q04, will not reach WA, OR, northern CA (Eureka, Chico, San Francisco, Sacramento, Reno), WI (except Milwaukee and Madison), MI, ME, FL, MT (except Missoula), ND, SD, MN


Photo from CES 2004, DBSTalk.COM


Both SuperDISH flavors can be modified to pick up any combination of satellites from 105-129 however none of these modifications is supported by Dish Network's Technical support team. This means if you modify the dish or use it in a way other than its designed purpose, you are on your own.

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