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While extending the capabilities of a Hopper to any television in a household, the SuperJoey also has 2 satellite tuners. When added to the Hopper or Hopper with Sling's 3 tuners, up to 8 channels can be recorded at once during prime time.  Alternatively, the five tuners give users the ability to watch and record any five shows from any network.

The SuperJoey is a direct swap for a regular Joey at the TV but there is some additional wiring needed.  In a setup with a Solo Node (say 1H/1J), the line to the SJ will come from an added Integrator.  The Integrator's inputs are the 3rd output from your dish, and the output from your home distribution splitter or the client output of the Node that had previously gone directly to the Joey.

SuperJoeys are backwards compatible for all models of the Hopper.

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The information here is based on a visit to CES.

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