DishPro and DP Plus Switches

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What are switches for?

To select between the signals from one or more LNBs aimed at different satellites (like on a Dish 500) to feed a receiver. Each satellite operates at the same frequency range, so the signals can't be combined, they must be switched.

What's the difference in all these switches?

DishPro (DP) switches require running a line to each tuner input, meaning 2 lines for a dual-tuner receiver. DishPro Plus (DPP) switches can feed dual-tuner receivers with 1 line when used with a DPP Separator behind the receiver. Each section begins with the commonly used integrated switches that are part of a 2- or 3-LNB assembly followed by external switches that are needed when you have separate LNBs or can be used to add satellite slots and/or receivers to a system.

DishPro (DP) Switches

DP Twin
is similar to the DP Twin but has 4 outputs.
connects 2 single LNBs to one tuner.

DishPro Plus (DPP) Switches

DPP Twin
Dish 1000.2 (1k.2) / 1000.4 (1k.4)

Are there any cable length issues I need to consider?

See: Recommended maximum cable lengths for use with SW21 and SW42 switches

Where can I find additional documents to help me set up my Echostar system?

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