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What is a 4722 Receiver?

Actually, 4722 is a system designation that includes a Dish 500 and two dual LNBs as well as a 4700 receiver. See: Dish System Model Number Chart.

Also see Dish Network's TechPortal which has links to pages for all of Dish's receivers, LNBs and switches.

For more information about current receivers see Dish's product information pages.

Dish's receiver comparison chart has been removed from their website, so our crude replacement for the old chart really is necessary. See the EKB's Receiver Comparison Chart.

If you wish to compare features of Echostar (Dish Network) and DirecTV receivers, see DBS Forum's (slightly outdated) chart at


If you have trouble controlling your VCR from your 4700 or Dishplayer, you can connect an IR mouse extender to the accessory port on your receiver.

Order a “Blast IR extender, (mouse tail)”, Echostar part #123479181. Dish's dealers don't usually stock this part, but you can order it directly from Echostar. Call DISH's parts dept. (which is also the Return Authorizations dept.) at 888-220-3474.