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Hosts for the May 2005 Tech Forum are Mark Jackson, Sr VP E* Technology Corp and Dan Minnick, VP Software.


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Technical questions only, please.

25th Anniversary Highlights

Photo highlights of Echostar's beginning in BUD sales and BUD receivers through the launch of Echostar-I on 12-28-95 and the first DiSH Network DBS subscriber on 3-4-96




Existing customers can buy the 942 for $699. There may be additional installation charges for connecting the 2nd tuner (separate run of RG6 or conversion to DishPro Plus required).

Single/Dual Mode Features

Video showing how to set up and use the features described and PIP for the 942, also applies to 522 and 625. When PIP is not in use, the Swap button will switch tuners.


Prize: DVR942
Question: At what frequency do the UHF Pro remotes operate?

Winner will be whoever comes closest within the next 5 minutes. Those who have won a prize in the last 12 months are now ineligible


Gary and many others: Software upgrade for the DVR921?
A (Renee Darby, Software Program Mgr): L214 is expected out by the end of the month, does a lot of cleanup

Keith: NBR for the 50x, 721, 921?
A: No plans for the 921 and 721. The 5x series will be later this year.

Shane: 942 won't lock on some OTA channels?
A (Steve Mally): Could be a problem in the broadcaster's data, Echostar is working with many stations.

David: MPEG4 upgrade plan, also impact on his 921s which have been buggy from the beginning?
A: Transition plans are not settled but HDTV will be first. There is a commitment from Charlie to make it as painless as possible. SD-only subscribers won't have to worry for quite awhile

John: Installing DSL, do I need a DSL filter at my receiver?
A: Yes, to keep the modem and DSL from interfering with each other.

Ken: Use the 522 on just one TV?
A: Yes, as shown in the video segment. In Dual Mode you can enable Record Plus.

Tom: Can't get closed captioning on his HDTV?
A: CC is enabled through the receiver for HD receivers but through the TV from standard receivers.

Craig: Thinking of adding VOOM but already has 148 for CBS-HD. Can you cascade an SW21 off an SW64?
A (Paul Langer, Sr Engineering Mgr): Recommends converting to DishPro with DPP44 switch which will simplify Craig's future plan of replacing his 3900 with a 942. They all think the SW64/SW21 cascade doesn't work. (See the bottom of the Receiver Comparison Chart to see which receivers do recognize it).


Winner: Matt from Waterbury, CT. Had the exact answer of 369.5 MHz.

Guest from HBO


Prize: HBO Boxing jacket
Question: Total number of HBO and Cinemax channels carried on DISH?

DISH Interactive


Winner: William from Pearl, MS. 14 channels.

Spring Quick Tips


David: Why does the 721's hard drive always run?
A: It's normal because the operating system runs off the HDD.

Bill: How do you remove a daily timer instead of choosing Skip for each episode?
A: On the 522 and 942, press DVR twice, select timers, select then delete.

Ronnie: When will the 811 get local channel down-mapping?
A: It's an option under Menu, 6, 1, 5.

Beth: How to view HD on an 811 when the program show "HD where available"?
A: Can sometimes press Info to see HD flag in the pop-up. Not all broadcasters carry HD.

Josh: Use existing RG6 when switching from cable to Dish?
A: Check the cable for RG6 marking. If not sure, use the minimum length of existing cable as possible and new RG6 for the rest.

Howard: How to find where to aim the dish on his camping trailer?
A: Enter current zip code in the Installation > Point Dish screen. (Also see On The Road Page.)

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