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Hosts for the November 2007 Tech Forum are Mark Jackson, President of EchoStar Technologies and Dan Minnick, VP of Engineering.


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Product Updates

External Hard Drive


Online DVR Scheduling

Ethernet Connectivity Features

For ViP622 & ViP722 DVR receivers

High-Speed Internet is available through Dish partners, call 1-888-732-7306.

A *New Features Video* has been downloaded to the 622/722 and will be shown at the end of the program.  There is also a Dish Home Networking Install Guide that can be downloaded from the TechPortal.  The video can also be viewed from the Networking link.  Keeping a phone line connected lets you use CallerID and other services.

The 622/722 can use DishCOMM as a substitute for an extra phone jack.  Both receivers should be plugged directly to a wall outlet (non-GFI) or HomePlug enabled power strip.  Will be rolled out to all ViP receivers “in the very near future.”  They play a video showing the setup steps.

New ARCHOS Portable Players

Later this month, the 622/722 will get software to support the ARCHOS Generation 5 portable media player models 605 (available now) and 705 (coming in January).  Both have touch screens, wi-fi, and larger hard drives.  They are thinner and have an easier UI than previous models.  Dish retailers will have them available later this month for a lower price.

Both models require a plug-in to work with Dish receivers.  Go to, follow the on-line directions to download the software to the ARCHOS player.  (After show update: the ARCHOS Dish Network Plug-in became available 12/18.)

Can buy anywhere, then get the plug-in.  Connect to the USB 2.0 port.  A change from PocketDISH is that programs will be MOVED instead of copied.

Guest: Jason Krikorian, Co-Founder, Exec VP of Busn Dev, Sling Media

E* acquired Sling last month.  The box allows you to watch your Dish receiver anywhere.  It will take composite, S-video, or component.  The box controls the Dish receiver with a wired IR emitter.  The Slingbox is then connected to your router.  The Slingbox Solo is available at major retailers for $179.99 MSRP, no monthly fees.  Optional $29.99 fee to enable viewing on a mobile device.

HD signals are compressed in the box.  The box will also adjust the compression as needed as available bandwidth fluctuates.  Watch anything you subscribe to anywhere you have an internet connection.


Prize: 2 Slingbox Solos with a Slinglink HomePlug networking kit
Question: What format does the Slingbox compress the audio and video?

Employees of Dish, those who have won in the past year, and family members of recent winners are not eligible.

iTV Update

Scott Higgins on a technical show shouting about ways to get sports scores.

Q & A

Don: HDMI stopped working on my year-old 622.  Is it because of hardware or the new software?
Paul: Sounds like a bad connector.  Call Dish for a replacement.

Greg: Owns a 211 in central WI, signal strength is only 35-45.  Does it need to be re-aligned?
Paul: Call your local retailer as they are best qualified to re-peak that antenna for the best signal. (They might even be aware of the new meter with lower readings.)

Scott: How do I connect a Slingbox to TV2 since it's controlled by a UHF not IR remote?
Jason: Will be making changes to allow for control via IR.  (Didn't say if the changes are to the Slingbox, the Dish receiver, or some add-on device.)

Mike, William: New remote pop-up message
Dan: Intent is to remind people they need to push Sat to get back to receiver control, as they do get a lot of calls from confused people.  It does help.  An option to shut it off is being put on the list as a high priority request.  No ETA as Dan says we all know how good he is with dates.

Brian: Seagate Free Agent external drive goes to sleep and 622 won't wake it, has to reboot.  Is there a fix in the works?
Dan: The receiver isn't recognizing the EHD has gone into sleep mode.  There is a software update, next release or the one after, to pull it out of sleep mode, or prevent sleep mode.

AJ: When can we expect the software in the 211 to enable EHD?
Dan: Sometime in the first quarter.  Is being worked on and tested.  The 222 will be shortly after.

Kent: Are the Muzak channels in stereo or still in mono?
Mark: Some are mono, some are stereo, all Sirius are stereo.  The mono channels must be that way because they are used as “elevator music” for businesses.

Mike & Sharon: 622 is connected to UPS but wants to use powerline connection, or ethernet cable, or wireless connection, or....?
Dan: Can't use the built-in HomePlug with UPS, but can use the HomePlug outside of it and just run the ethernet cable directly from the additional HomePlug device into the ethernet port on the 622 would work.  We don't support wireless right now.  Just need to have one more HomePlug device.

Dale: HD signal strength from 129° near Atlanta is no more that 58.  Can anything be done, is that enough?
Paul: Signal should be a bit higher, dish may need to be peaked, or there may be a bad connector.  (Or Atlanta is on the fringe of the dying satellite's footprint, and 61.5° might have been a better choice by Dish to serve that area.)

Dan: 722 is nowhere near a router.  Can I install both a HomePlug device and a wireless phone jack in the same house?
Dan: That will work unless it is phonex.

John: On the 722, can a timer created from the guide be directed to TV1 or TV2?
Dan: Don't have complete control, but Record Plus lets you state a preference.

Roy: Noticed a change in timer function there are many more options.  Where can I find out more?
Jan Johnson, Gen Mgr Product Communications: Probably a 501 user, the rollout is not complete.  It's name-based recording for 50x receivers.  Go to to find more info.

Sandy: Why do I have the new options on one of my 510s but not the other?
Dan: One box has gotten the new software, the other hasn't.  The rollout should be completed in early December.

Q: Will a software upgrade allow TV2 to see OTA?
Dan: Not planned, decision made at time of development.  Since much of OTA is HD, and TV2 is SD, the tuner was dedicated for TV1.  It is something they will consider, giving access to TV2 on a first-come basis similar to the EHD update.


Slingbox winner: Shawn Wilson from Midland, and Aaron Vasey from Bismark.  The encoding is Windows Media Audio/Video version 9.

The show will be rebroadcast throughout May.

Next Charlie Chat: Monday December 10, 2007, 9pm ET, channel 101

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