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Hosts for the May 2009 Tech Forum are Mark Jackson, President of EchoStar Technologies and Dan Minnick, VP of Engineering.


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Dish Remote Access

Manage your DVR from your PC or mobile phone from about anywhere in the world. Also has a powerful search tool to search by actor, title or genre. The content choices keep growing and this helps you find what you want.

Demo with Stacey Shepard, Sr Program Mgr, DISH Network. Log in at then follow the link to Remote Access. Have to have an internet connected 612, 622, 722 or 722k. First view is the schedule grid, with a list of filters on the left side. Setup offers many dozens of categories that can be added to your filters. Stacey brings up the details of a baseball game he has found and with one additional click creates a timer for it. He then does a search for “will smith.” Nothing is found, but he quickly fixes that with one click by changing the filter from baseball to everything. The gallery view shows thumbnails of the found shows. If you have a Slingbox attached to the receiver you can watch your DVR via the site. My DVR allows you to view a list of your recorded shows, timer list, upcoming schedule, and to delete shows.

Go to to order a Slingbox if you want to be able to view the content of your receiver anywhere in the world.

Software Updates

The DTVPal DVR gets enhancements to its operation much like the satellite receiver products, but because there is no satellite connection it doesn't happen automatically. Dan thinks the new features make it worth getting the upgrade.


How can I find VOD channels and differentiate between satellite and internet? Video from Scott Patrick: go to ch 501, select a movie from the list. Ch 501 will include any movie that may be available in 1080p. Most movies are 24-hour rentals and not available to record.


Prize: Slingbox Pro-HD
Question: What size hard drive was in the first DVR Dish Network launched back in 1999?

Employees of Dish, those who have won in the past year, and family members of recent winners are not eligible.

Software Updates

Custom groups: Lets you make your own folder or group name, then set up timers so that certain shows are directed to that folder. Coming to the 612, 622 and 722 later this month, already on the 722k.

Q & A

Ron Horn: Any plans to broadcast NASA in HD?
Jeff: Not available from NASA. Once it is, it will be considered.

Ron: How do I clear the info at the bottom of the screen when I pause?
Dan: Just hit one of the skip keys, forward or back, to clear the pause banner.

Kevin from Torrance: How do I save a clip from a recorded show?
Dan: Sounds like a good idea. We have other things in the works that are similar but they also like Kevin's suggested implementation.

Robert: Can you boost the signal of spot beams that don't cover an entire DMA?
Paul: You may be on the fringe. Call Dish to see if you qualify for a larger dish, or a local retailer should have the most experience with what is needed.

Gary: Your web site says you have 1080p but the technician says because my TV is 1080i that's all I get
Jeff: You need an HD DVR and a 1080p24-compatible TV. Only on VOD section ch 501. Pick one, the receiver will check compatibility. If not, it will offer the 1080i version. Coming to IPTV soon. Not all 1080p sets can do 1080p24.

Ken from Fremont: Can I use the USB on the 522?
Dan: You can connect a PocketDISH. Not fast enough for EHD (you could archive but not play back).

Mark: When will the TV2 IR converter be available?
Jennifer Addair, Product Communications Mgr: Through retailers later this summer, or at next month.

Michael: Can I use a Phillips 3545-V37 DVD/VHS recorder with my 612 or will they conflict?
Paul: You can use that recorder but will be limited to the analog outputs. You can record directly to the 612. If this is for storage, add an external hard drive.

Tom: Any instructional video for the 21.0 remote?
Jennifer: No, but you can download the manual which has detailed instructions.

Scott: When will Dish DVRs be able to share events via ethernet?
Dan: Working on for existing boxes, future boxes will have “complete sharing.” Will have a “pseudo sharing” like a virtual drive. Working on some cool new technology because not all customers will have ethernet between their boxes.

Sherry: When will the 21.0 be compatible with the 625?
Jennifer: You can, but it won't be compatible with the 2-way features. UHF needs to be on an odd number address because evens are on a different frequency.


Slingbox Pro-HD winner: Michael Kuntz(?) from Ft Lawn, SC.  Answer: 8.6GB on the 7100

Intellon guest

Joe Cufari, Director of Business Development for Intellon.  Uses a home's existing power wiring by connecting your router to an adapter connected to an outlet. Up to 16 devices may be connected. Dish ViP receivers have the chipset built in, so they don't need their own adapter. Some things to avoid:

They chose this over wireless because of all the electromagnetic radiation from other A/V equipment that is likely to be near your Dish receiver. Older receivers use HomePlug 1.0 (typical 4 Mbits/sec throughput), the 922 will have HomePlug Turbo (7-8 Mbits). The Dish STB power supply has all the stuff typically found in a surge suppressor so they recommend connecting directly to a wall outlet.

HomePlug adapters may be purchased via 1-800-333-DISH (3474),, and other on-line dealers. They run $50-75/pair but you only need one.


Prize: Logitech/WiLife Home Monitoring System (camera disguised as alarm clock)
Question: What frequency range to HomePlug Turbo adapters operate on?

Earth Channel

Check it every night to make sure Earth is still there.  Ch 212 shows a live feed from a camera mounted on the EchoStar 11 satellite at 110°. Cue video with Will Beals, Engineering Director, EchoStar. He talks about what we can expect to see, (typical cloud cover, monthly view of the moon, occasional debris) and what happens when the sun overwhelms the camera. A solar eclipse over the southern Pacific will be visible on 7/11/10. Try recording a 24-hour sequence, then play back at 300x. The camera is a joint venture between EchoStar, Dish Network, Space Systems Loral, and Ecliptic Enterprises.

Mark mentions the debris video is on YouTube, and that Shane Scott of the EchoStar space division spear-headed the camera project.

Dish Network has also partnered with Space Services Inc to offer consumers a commemorative photo of the planet. Prices range from $9.99 to ~$100 depending on the frame. Visit


Wayne: How do I change the remote address on the DTVPal DVR?
Jan: Change it on your satellite receiver instead.

Mark: Why are 1080p movies not always available on my 612 even though they're on my 722?
Dan: Nothing you should have to do. Occurs at night when box is in stand-by. Might be another day or two after it downloads content targeted to the 612.

Walter from MS: VOD coming to the 211 with EHD add-on?
Mark and Dan: Should be able to figure that out. No real technical reason, but it's your hard drive.

Joshua: Will ion (west) be added to the Eastern Arc?
Jeff: It's the same channel separated by a few hours.

Joe: Why does CallerID history get cleared each night?
Dan: That shouldn't happen, sounds like a software bug. Contact us with your receiver model and software version.

Jim from TX: Status of being able to connect an EHD to the front and back at the same time?
Dan: Working on it, will be a few months, likely on the 922 at introduction


Logitech monitoring system winner: William Rosen from Covington, KY. Answer: 4.5-21MHz


Mike: On the 922, can I watch my shows from work while the family is watching?
Tony (922 demonstrator at CES and Team Summit): 922 has Sling built-in. You'll be able to watch tuner 1, tuner 2 or a recorded event.

The show will be rebroadcast throughout May.

Next Tech Forum: August 10
Next Charlie Chat: Monday June 8, 2009, 9pm ET, channel 101

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