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Hosts for the February 2010 Tech Forum are Mark Jackson, President of EchoStar Technologies and Dan Minnick, VP of Engineering.


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Just got back from the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show where they got to show off all their technology.

Video with Ira Bahr, Chief Marketing Officer. Starts with the Dish Network TV Everywhere Adapter. One USB connector to the 722k and you have Sling capability to send TV content to any Sling client (PC, mobile device, another TV). The WiFi HD Monitor only requires AC power. Shows the Dish Remote Access free app for iPhone and how to use it to create a timer.

John Paul, Sr Executive President, presents a video for the Sling side. The 700u (what Dish is calling the TV Everywhere Adapter) is the smallest Slingbox. Connects it to a 722 which is now ready to shift HD content to another TV in the home or anywhere in the world. The WiFi Monitor 150 is a 15" 720p HD display that you can take anywhere around the house. The Sling Receiver 300 is used to connect to an HD screen to watch HD in another room from a 722k that's been SlingLoaded. The Sling Touch Control uses the same interface of the iPhone app to a handheld remote with a 4.3" color display and charging base. SlingPlayer Mobile was demonstrated on many different smart phones. A new partnership with Flash will allow a network-enabled TV or other device with Flash to display a Sling stream without a set-top box.

Dish plans to introduce the 700u and the WiFi monitor in the first part of this year, no announcement has been made for the 300 or the Sling Touch. Don't call yet to order any of these.

EchoStar got 2 CES awards: Sling 300 got the CES Innovations 2010 Design & Engineering Honoree in the Multi-room Audio/Video category, and the Sling Touch Control 100 got the same in the Video Accessories category.

Special guest: Tara Dunion, Director, Event PR, Consumer Electronics Assn, appearing via Skype video. The CEA puts on the CES every year. Shows a video introducing many products shown at the show.


Prize: Asus Eee PC Netbook with Intel Atom processor
Question: What year did CES start?

Employees of Dish, those who have won in the past year, and family members of recent winners are not eligible.

iTV Update: Olympics

Video from Scott Higgins.  NBC Olympics Showcase with everything you may want to know. Olympics will take over the Dish Home mosaic Feb 12-28, available on the 3900/4900, 111, 211/411, 301, 311, 322, 501, 508, 510, 522/625, 612, 222/222k, 622/722, 722k.

Tips & Tricks

Video from Kelly Morales, Technical Operations Mgr. With the free iPhone or iPod Touch Dish Remote Access app, you can manage your DVR. Activate the access by logging in to and selecting the menu option. SlingPlayer Mobile software will let you watch content from a Slingbox, compatible phones are listed at The app will also let the device work as a remote control. at&t has approved the iPhone app for use over their 3G network and a free app upgrade should be available soon.

Dish Remote Access allows users to create timers via satellite or broadband. Additional benefits of a broadband connection include viewing and managing your DVR space, setting priorities, managing conflicts. Without broadband, you can create up to 5 timers per 30 minutes, or unlimited with broadband.

DVR 512

Introduced this month, SD Solo DVR, 2 tuners, PIP.


Asus netbook winner: Norris Klesman from Brainerd MN. Answer: 1967

External Storage

Will be removing the 1TB limit by the end of March. Will still have to be single-LUN. You will be able to use the 2TB drives that are coming out. Don't get the kind that has 2 drives in the case.

Q & A

Richard: Possible to convert the 211k to a DVR?
Marcel Guajardo: Purchase an external hard drive at least 50GB, call Dish, pay the $39.99 activation fee.

Richard: Can I use a portable Dish 500 with a 211k?
Paul: Without 129 you'll be missing some HD programming but should work fine. (If the receiver is being moved between different dishes, do a Check Switch each time. --Ed.)

Bobby from TX: Anything coming to help with rain fade?
Paul: The signal interruption come from the signal trying to get through thick clouds. Make sure your dish is peaked.

Patsy: How do I get a new remote?
Kelly: Lot of self-help at If that doesn't provide a solution, call us at 1-800-333-3474. (No one catches that she gave 888 which goes to a DirecTV seller.)

Castle: Are there free movies and shows on Dish on Demand?
Marcel: Yes, some available for download to a broadband connected DVR.

Howard: Status of TruVolume update? How do we activate it?
Dan: Will start going out in March and will be automatically turned on.

James: Can I use my wireless home network instead of phone lines?
Dan: Use a game adapter connected via ethernet to the receiver. Might be easier to buy a HomePlug adapter, connect it to AC power and your wireless router, and plug the receiver which has built-in HomePlug into the wall.

Michael: Wants to add WD Passport 500GB for more storage. Is this possible?
Dan: Yes, basically same question as earlier. Call Dish and get it activated. (actually no, the Passport is a USB-powered model and EHDs for Dish receivers must have their own power supply. --Ed.)

Sal: Info window keeps popping up and I'm not touching the remote
Dan: Can be a common problem with IR interference.  Refer to your user's manual for how to change the remote address to something other than 1.

Dave: Is there a Dish Network magazine I can subscribe to to show a month of programming?
Laura Bergfield: Yes, Dish Entertainment Magazine, and Dish Flicks.  Subscribe at

Fred: Have a DP34 and 2 DVRs. Can I connect a 3rd DVR?
Paul: The 3rd one is likely a dual-tuner, and the DP34 has only 4 outputs.  Get another DP34 connected to the trunk lines, connect the 3rd DVR to that switch.

Carl: Will there be a BlackBerry app for Dish Remote?
Mark & Dan: Haven't really thought about it, been busy on the iPhone app, will see if Dish wants them to do it, not much demand.  (kept waiting for them to yell Psych! or confess to pulling our legs, but that was the answer)

LauraAnn: Realized tuner has Dual mode.  Can I watch TV in the bedroom and how do I set that up?
Paul: Dual mode enables TV2. The agile monitor sends the signal to another room, set it to maybe 53 and the TV to 53. Go to the TechPortal and select a receiver to get to wiring diagrams.

Chris: Just connected a 37" HDTV as TV2.  How do I change the aspect ratio?
Dan: Use the * key on the remote to switch between Normal and Letterbox.

Edward: Puzzled over 1080i vs 1080p
Jan: Both formats offer excellent performance. The difference will come into play with larger screens and fast action. The difference is marginal.  Dish has some 1080p content downloaded to ch 501 on ViP DVRs.

DirecTV DVR comparison

They show the video that was blaring on continuous loop at their CES booth. The 722k has won awards, has PIP, Live TV button, TV2 viewing, more responsive EPG, Skip instead of FF/slip.

There was no mention of the upcoming 922.

Post-show note: the iPhone Slingbox app started working over 3G on 2/14/10.

The show will be rebroadcast throughout November.

Next Tech Forum: May 10(?)
Next Charlie Chat: Monday March 8, 2010, 9pm ET, channel 101

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