Dish Network 2009 Team Summit Coverage

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Thanks to Dish Network staff and Scott Greczkowski of SatelliteGuys.US and, a small group of board members were able to have a private off-the-record chat with Dish Network executives including CEO Charlie Ergen.  Charlie re-iterated his position on the Fisher negotiations (“we know what's reasonable”) and then it turned into a casual focus group discussion with the team wanting to know what we like and don't like about Dish Network.

After the chat, we moved on to the exhibition hall floor to get a look at the latest and greatest that's out or coming soon.  Click each thumbnail for a larger image.


A few new shots of ViP922 menu screens and the OTA module. Also, a wireless keyboard, though no information here yet on which ones may be compatible. Many more at Team Summit 922 Pics (SatelliteGuys.US).

Wi-Fi Monitor

Another shot of the Dish wi-fi monitor.  Its transmitter is a USB dongle similar to this on (the one at CES (no picture) had an EchoStar logo).

Dish 500+

This is a prototype integrated LNB for the Dish 500+/1000+, similar to the Dish 1000.2/1000.4.  The DishPro Plus head has the dual-band LNB for 118.75°/119°, a 110° LNB, a DPP switch with outputs for 3 dual-tuner receivers, and an LNB input.  The 129° slot is still from a separate DP Dual or Single.

TV2 IR Converter

This converter makes it possible to replace the standard-issue UHF Pro remote with your own IR remote or a Slingbox.  The receiver's TV2 output goes to the converter which is presumably placed near the actual TV2, then continues to the set (thicker white cables in the pictures).  The long thin black line allows unobtrusive placement of the IR sensor.  The 4th line is for power.


More reports on Team Summit announcements and the Meet and Greet can be found at SatelliteGuys.