4000 VCR Timer fails to start recording

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One of my 4000 receivers failed twice in two attempts to record “Enemy of the State” on Starz. I've had intermittent trouble with this before, but since I hung a piece of white paper about a foot in front of the 4000/VCR stack the problem has been minor. Today, it failed twice, but when I set up a date/time timer it worked fine.


Failed to record two programs again this AM.


The IR sensor on the VCR used with this receiver failed totally today, so this bug report may have been premature.

Failure to record (when everything usually works) is sometimes due to stray IR radiation. I can predict (to the day and time) when I'll have trouble with this because of the sun coming through a window. I've also seen a failure to record, because the switching frequency of a nearby DC flourecent light interfered with the IR carrier frequency. If all stray IR light leakage problems have been dealt with, the next most common cause seems to be a receiver fault. Usually, resetting the receiver clears things up.